I have always wanted to visit Cornwall ever since I can remember. Even before taking my English degree, because when I was a child, my mother used to buy me English children's books about Cornish witches, making weird concoctions out of frogs legs, wild bushes and rosemary. Of course the concoctions were pink (even when the aforementioned elements were combined).
Coincidences, merely written but, very meaningful sentences and words, new and grounded paths from the present and future, made me go there this time. And it's all I could ever imagine and quite possibly more. I will forever remember the blues and greens and the smell of burning leaves in late September. The quietness and loving magic. My English Culture Professor was also in my mind, mixed with the beautiful and kind people I was fortunate enough to meet along the way, the morning dew, the wide open English fields, the lovely invigorating weather and a beautiful and fearless ocean. This is David Munrow - one of my all time favourites - performing a Josquim de Prez Renaissance piece called Scaramella va a la Guerra, which I believe blends beautifully with Cornwall's scenery. 

David Munrow and The Early Music Consort of London - Josquin de Prez-Scaramella va a la Guerra

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