--- Shiro Kuramata.

 || Prins Emanuel - Land of Joy
/| i. ? ii. Marie Claire 1982. iii.Books of Lofts.iv. Secrets by Douglas Huebler.


|\ Isabella Rossellini's farm style.

|| The Match Factory Girl , Diretor Aki Kaurismaki. Finland. (1990). ||
Watched this movie last night. You know when you hit the jackspot when it comes to randomly picking a movie that macthes your mood perfectly? That was the case. 

//Maskenspiel.Ahorn Verlag, W. Furth-Kuby. (1984)
Slightly desconcerting and eerie, Maskenspiel is a German book published in 1984.

|/ The essay Like a Cat- A Dossier on Surrealism and Comme des Garçons by Michael Stone-Richards (2008).


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Talik Kushnir

||| Pretty sounds. ||| 

Suzanne Ciani - Fish Music (1977)
Midori Takada - Mr. Henri Rousseau's Dream (1983)

Park Life. /// Photography by Nick Haymes.


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