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"The past and future disappear. Problems and decisions disappear. Time disappears and the present acquires an exquisite color and exists within a frame of only this second, exactly like the frames we make with our hands".
(Lucia Berlin. Where I Live Now. 1999)

H. Hunt - Wrong i
(taken from the album Playing Piano for Dad)

Paloma Wool and Tanya Posternak Silk Scarf.

 Blinky Palermo (Peter Heisterkamp) 1943–1977. Prototypes. 1970.

Tasty Morsels - laundry. (2016).

I see seaglass colored stained containers, while we're sitting in the sunny terrace. In each one  I place one feeling I can't describe.

A conversation with By Signe

By Signe is a Danish fashion brand founded in 2015. With a contemporary and forward-thinking vision, By Signe is designing honest and feminine easy wear by approaching an absolute honest design process, focusing on working with high quality materials while minimizing the environmental impact. Amidst the hectic process of moving and settling to the new studio, we were able to have a small conversation.

In a universe of constant and accelereted changes and seasonal trends, what made you turn to sustainable, slow fashion?
I believe the future of fashion is sustainable - The fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the entire world, and I truly believe we still have to re-think it somehow. I decided to cover everything from the beginning, from fibers to care labels and production methods, to improve our footprint on the planet and to keep the wearer of our garments free from any toxic materials or chemicals. 

Who is the woman who wears By Signe?
Our collections are inspired by stories of women, and in line with the company’s vision, our newest collections are keeping the values of the natural woman and the simplicity in her urban everyday element within a modern culture and these days environmental changes.
We are offering minimalistic, clean and timeless essentials made to last for several seasons in any basic wardrobe.

There is an impeccable Scandinavian feel about every By Signe collection. Please tell us about what influenced the AW16 collection.
As mentioned above, the collections are inspired by stories of woman, and this one is too, inspired by strong independent women through time. I love old books and descriptions of how these women move and act in their environment. The idea is to keep the values of the natural woman in her everyday element, which gives an urban, minimalistic and Scandinavian feel throughout the collection.

What are the key items we should wear next season?
The key items for this season would probably be a silk slip dress layered over an organic tee for both everyday and party wear. Our black high-neck sweat is definitely a must-have too.  

Quality time is a precious commodity these days. Ideally how do you spend quality time? 
I spend a lot of time working, but when I have a bit of time off, I like to spend it with my friends and family.

therapy items

Edna Lewis (1916-2006). Chef and author.
I was finally able to purchase Edna Lewis cult book, The Taste of Country Cooking.
In 2015 the New York Times recreated some of the Chef's most iconic recipes such as the Spiced Pears, the Corn Muffins or the Strawberries Preserves. The photos are an exercise on softness and quality. 

On Edna Lewis; "She just had a very quiet way of speaking, and it really engaged you because she was so soft-spoken; you have to listen carefully," Ms. Waters said. "There was a kind of intimacy that you immediately had."

The little capsule collection for women and men is a wonderful exercise on minimalism. Stained pale hints of whites and blues, and c'mon, it's Agnes! Celebrating COS support of Agnes Martin at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the limited-edition capsule collection is available now.

Solange A Seat at the Table (2016)
 F.U.B.U. feat.The-Dream & BJ The Chicago Kid, instantly became an instant favorite for many reasons, but mostly because it's a wonderful homage to the '90s hip hop scene. Don't Touch My Hair hits deep, deep down too.
The interludes in the record are all we could ask for and more. Solange's record has the ability to touch you deeply while empowering you at the same time. It's truly a beautiful piece. Visually it is also a treat since Solange has worked with the wonderful Barcelona-based photographer and artist  Carlota Guerrero.

Exercises on memory and identity by artist Fiona Tan (NL). Rise and Fall (2009).

The Street Musicians of Yogyakarta. Recorded in Java, Indonesia in the city of Yogyakarta and its environs, between November 1976 and January 1978. Hai clum dong by an unknown artist, is en pointe.


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