|\ Isabella Rossellini's farm style.

|| The Match Factory Girl , Diretor Aki Kaurismaki. Finland. (1990). ||
Watched this movie last night. You know when you hit the jackspot when it comes to randomly picking a movie that macthes your mood perfectly? That was the case. 

//Maskenspiel.Ahorn Verlag, W. Furth-Kuby. (1984)
Slightly desconcerting and eerie, Maskenspiel is a German book published in 1984.

|/ The essay Like a Cat- A Dossier on Surrealism and Comme des Garçons by Michael Stone-Richards (2008).


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Talik Kushnir

||| Pretty sounds. ||| 

Suzanne Ciani - Fish Music (1977)
Midori Takada - Mr. Henri Rousseau's Dream (1983)

Park Life. /// Photography by Nick Haymes.


Exclusive | Catzorange Studio

The Catzorange collection is inspired by traditional craftsmanship and thoughtful production. Founded in Brooklyn, NY in 2016, Catzorange is an experiment in creation and collaboration aimed towards developing a natural and simple lifestyle.

Each bag is handmade in our Brooklyn studio with an awareness of the material and the conscious desire to follow the shapes and forms that emerge.

My thank you to Coco and Johnny.


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