An impossible wishlist #1

Hi everyone!
I saw an unbelievable film last night, a true classic starring Diane Keaton called Shoot the Moon: soon I'll be posting an entry about Diane Keaton as an iconic style figure. I've always loved the way she pulls the masculine look.
This song by the Rolling Stones has been on my mind since last night. I hope you like it too.

In the meantime, I decided to create my imaginary-if-i-had-a-million-dollars-i-would-probably-be-strolling-around-in-Capri-wearing-designer-labels-all-the-way-and-drinking-rose möet-for-breakfast-wishlist. Here it is!

I've got a question for you lovelies out there: what's your secret (or not so secret) x-mas wishlist?
 Is there a thing (s) you MUST have? Tell me about it! I would love to know!

|1. Satchel bag - Proenza Schouler| 2. Pocket Cardigan By Malene Birger| 3. Repetto Jodphur Booties| 4. Chanel Le Vernis| 5.Chanel Hydrabase| 6.Sheepskin Jacket Topshop| 7.Chloé Studded-velvet jacket| 8.Philosophy Candy Cane|9. Chanel 2.55 Dark Blue| 10.TOUT TERRIBLEMENT YVES SAINT LAURENT| 11. M.E. SKINLAB|

5 comentários:

Anonymous said...

Chanel 2.55 in black. always.

Miss-I-Am-Free-Because-I-Belong-Nowhere said...

A dream house and job in Madrid or Berlin! Second year in row not-so-secret-xmas-wishlist...

Forgetmenot said...

good luck with your wishlist! I support you: a girl can dream, and, who knows what Santa Claus may bring you ;)
I am not quite sure about what do I want for Christmas, which means that I´m probably asking for money XD
although, I do prefer the prettiness of a wrapped gift...

Fayci Tage =] said...

i really love the rolling stones! they are super! luv yout blog

Joanna M. said...

Alice,yes but what about navy or nude pink? dreamy :)

Dear Miss I am Free,
Good luck with that! I'm sure the sooner or later you're going to make it big!Merry Christmas!!

Dear Forget Me Not,
Oh nothing goes wrong with a beautifully wrapped up present! Even if it's only a pair of stockings...but add it a beautifully made ribbon and it's a winner. I totally agree with you on that one! Merry Christmas to you!

Dear Fayci,
I'm glad you like the blog!! All the comments are welcome!
Gee I'm such a stones circa 1965fan, I'm glad you like them too :)


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