Anatomy of a classic: the Trench Coat

Salut les filles! 
Today I open a new segment on La Mignonette, devoted to explore the key stylish pieces every girl should have on her closet, side by side with trendy & cutting edge garments.
My kudos go en première place for the trench coat!

From affordable high street retailers (H&M, Zara, Etam, Vero Moda, Zara, Topshop, Mango etc.), crossing the border to the big spenders stratosphere (Burberry,A.P.C.,Charles Anastase, etc.), the trench coat is ageless and a synonym of elegance and BCBG, and is also a must have for every common girl who wants to look effortlessly cool and chic.

From iconic screen legends (Casablanca, Holly Golightly, film noir heroins, Inspector Clouseau and gangster flicks), to divas (Jackie O.), to nouvelle vague ye ye girls (Françoise Hardy, Anna Karina), to a stylish and time defier looking Claudia Schiffer posing forVogue Germany, in one of the coolest editorials I've seen in a while.

Françoise Hardy.
Nowadays the trench coat  is visible in so many different lengths and colors that the best for you to do is to keep it plain simple:a little above the knee, fitted on the shoulders and in terms of color gor for a classic beige/toffee toned.

Margaret Howell trench (2008).

For a retro chic look I usually opt for:
- a bouffant, adorned with a little black bow.
- bare naked legs (no pantyhose!).
- kitten heel shoes or stylish flats.
- lots of eyeliner and mascara and a nude/mate mouth.

Holly Golightly on Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961).

Anna Karina in Made in USA (1966).

Vogue Deutschland, Kunst Pausen editorial featuring Claudia Schiffer.

1.Moschino 2. A.P.C. Jeans 3. Topshop

6 comentários:

Anonymous said...

i've yet to find a trench coat that fits me just so. the coats that i've tried on make my butt look big. :)

i love the photos you've selected for this post. they inspire to seek one out!

Forgetmenot said...

Nice post! I think the same as you: the more simple and classic, the best! :)
Too bad, but in Venezuela I do not get to use a trench coat :S

Sarah Dee said...

Often, I find it really hard to pay attention to the entirety of lengthy fashion posts on blogs. But I don't know whether it was the laid-back style of the writing or the lovely pictures you chose to use, this one really made me sit up and take notice. Well done!

Adela said...

love the second pic! =)

Lexie said...

i loooove my trench coat! i got it from gap this fall, and it's one of the chic-est pieces i own!

Joanna M. said...

Dear Katrina ,
Yep finding the perfect trench is a difficult task! Usually, and because i'm on a budget, i find something nice and that fits perfectly at h&m.

Dear Forgetmenot,

Thank you for your comment!
Yep, def. the classics; when there's too much fuss something goes wrong...
If i were you I would wear it anyway! A light one!! Can have the dress effect!

Dear Sara Dee,
I really appreciate your comment!
Have a great day!

Dear Adela,
Thank you :))

Dear Lexie,
gap had the most extraordinary trenches! :)
It def. gives that chic flair!


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