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Salut les filles!♥ Today I decided to write a somewhat multidisciplinary post !
NUMBER 1. Longing for a pair of Repetto shoes? Me too… It's a shame the prince range is situated in the sphere of 150/200 Euros. But waitFinally, I've found a seller that sells Repetto’s (several models, from the BB model, to Ingrid and Camille) at 50 Euros each pair. No fakes. If you would like to have more info, please, convo me and I’ll gladly tell you all about!

NUMBER 2. Have you ever wanted to know all there is to know about styling/fashionbuyers/fashion history/design/womenswear/menswear?
Wait no longer; here is my list of cool (and affordable) Fashion courses in Europe, taking place this summer:


NUMBER 3. The (in)famous NACO PARIS "Karl Who?" bag, sported by the Kaiser himself. My eyes were teary when this tote came out last summer. Dammit I wanted it sooo bad! UO Europe's huge sale reduced the tote's price to 24£. Good for them!

NUMBER 4. Blast from the past: inspirational photography by Cecil Beaton. Find more HERE and HERE

NUMBER 5. Extremely cool vintage boutique: lots of precious vintage treasures for collectors. VINTAGE TEXTILE
[Specialities: Victorian, Edwardian and first half of the 20th century]

10 comentários:

bryna said...

i love the karl who bag. great post.

Liliana said...

adoro repetto:) onde se encontram essas perolas a 50 euros? ebay? gosto bastante do teu blog.

Joanna M said...

Dear Bryna,
thank you for your comment! Unfortunately the bag is sold out by now... :(

Obrigada pelo comentário!
Nem mais. Mas o segredo está...ebay itália! O vendedor tem um feedback de 100% fakes! (blue ocean shop)
boas compras,

Anonymous said...

Holy fuck Parsons is SO expensive to study at!!!

That Karl Who? bag is so so easy to make my dear. You should make your own because its just cheap material and black ink. Easy done.

Joanna M said...

Hi Janelle! damn loved the comment!
yeah Parsons it's a shame- kinda pricey- but Central Saint Martins is okay i guess (summer courses). I believe if you have in your CV the name "parsons" or "central saint martins" is a sure shot to get a job in the fashion industry. So.. I believe it's an investment you make in your career.
The Karl bag yeaj you're right, i'm just not very good at DIY :S
Thank you for your comment!

sara. said...

em lisboa podes encontrar repetto na Cool de Sac em desconto.

joanna m said...

Olá Sara!
Sim..mas infelizmente continuam fora do meu price range...
são à volta de 120 euros...é um bocado caro.
Estes repettos do ebay, custam 50 euros e são de um vendedor italiano, que tem feedback de 100%.
Beijinhos Sara!
obrigada pela tip!

Nanx said...

I would love to have a pair of repetto flats tell me more please

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello !
I don't know if you can still buy Repetto from the website you're about, but I would be very interested to know more about it!


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