Hip like junk

Music is my first love. Fashion probably is my second.
I'm tired of lady gaga and florence and the machine, dude. I'm tired of sequins, big lips, fairy lights, designer collaborations and the current state of ...the art? So go on, and go learn how to play bass guitar until your fingers are covered with blood. Like I did.
I miss riot grrrls.
I miss meaningful women & cool chicks with something to say.

Everyone's the same
We look the same
We talk the same
We even fuck the same.

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I love this, and it is so true. Time to break free.

Anonymous said...

le tigre, peaches, kim gordon, bjork and PJ harvey are still making music!
But that era is over. Lucky we were around for those days huh.
Who knows what the future holds for this decade? Hopefully something more than electro bullshit.

Marta Represa said...

Miss Riot grrrrls too. That was quite something.

Madelene said...

Courtney will always be an idol of mine.

sara. said...

bratmobile <3 l7 <3 bikini kill <3 dominatrix <3

Wendy said...

the pictures are so raw. Cool <3

l´habitué said...

Nâo podia acreditar quando li o verso da Courtney no teu blog! É que ainda ouço Hole regularmente e adoro!
É sempre bom encontrar alguém q pensa como nós!

Espreita o meu blog, talvez tenhamos mais coisas em comum:


Fica bem.

Mieux Que La Vie said...

Adoro este post.

hannah & landon said...

yes yes yes to everything here!


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