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girl crush : Léa Seydoux

magazine crush: Russh

Salut les filles.
Lately I haven't been able to fully concentrate in making bold, smart, career moves. I'm getting a wee bit worried in getting stucked at the same place/routine for the rest of my life; times goes by and still I'm no hotshot at anything really. Sometimes I think: am I smart enough? am I dedicated enough? am I focused enough? Maybe not. Anyway I have always hated the word "focus", it reminds of new age inner strenght moronic techniques and boring math classes. Focus rhymes with pocus, hocus pocus. Magic! Yay! And there I go. Major ADHD disorder, I know.
I have a major in English Drama and I'm working as a clerical officer sooooo... Should I run and join the circus?
Are we demanding too much of ourselves? Why are we not happy with the things we got? I'm listening to El Perro Del Mar, Ariel Pink and A Sunny Day in Glasgow and I'm off to bed now to contemplate the beautiful pages of Russh magazine and later I'm going to dream about mulberry bags, owning A.P.C.'s entire collection, miu miu shoes and another paycheck.

3 comentários:

sara. said...

russh é a minha revista favorita e sempre. amo.

Anonymous said...

I would join the circus and see where it takes you. I'm serious. I had a office job and wanted to pull out my eye balls then I went to Europe and now I'm still here. Anyway you should change jobs while you're young and stuff.

Joanna M said...

Olá Sara
sim concordo contigo, se bem que a lula tem um lugar especial no meu coração.

you're so right girl (as always) I'm doing it! RIGHT NOW!


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