weekend movies (and other things)

Saturday movie
An Angel At My Table, Director:Jane Campion (1990)

Sunday movie
The Year My Voice Broke, Director: John Duigan (1987)

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soph (owl vs. dove) said...

I haven't seen either of those movies, but I now might just make the effort. Great buys, too. I've been eyeing off those shoes for a while haha.

Min said...

Adorei as comprinhas! ^^

Nunca vi nenhum dos filmes, mas tendo em mente que o 1º é da Jane Campion, com certeza tenho que ver.

Joanna M said...

Hi my dear!
They are on sale (further sales...) for just 56 dollars on la garçonne.

Hi Min!
Sim o primeiro filme é bastate bom, assim como o segundo ( que é numa linha mais drama adolescente)

Anonymous said...

I googled the Jane Campion movie and am pleased to find several download links, hehe.

also, that has to be coolest shoe box I've ever seen :D

natasja said...

oh, i think your blog is really lovely.

Nina said...

This TopShop sweater is to die for!


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