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images via elle.com

Margaret Howell's Autumn/Winter collection is everything I am chanelling for Winter: library chic, meets 1990s minimal cool (remember Prada, Miu Miu, clean cut, beige-ish uniforms for sleak, urban boys and girls?), and a bit of british aristocratic rural charm. These are clothes for sensitive girls who like to read Camus (and simultaneously to be wearing really nice clothes).

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lavelle said...

I love this collection


Haute Miserable Couture said...

Adorei a selecção x Sou tua seguidora, from now on! Bonito blog xx

Ella said...

i really love the clean and simply aesthetics of the clothing. it's not overdone, which i definitely like :)

A.n.E said...

These images are so beautiful! Really feeling this too... actually just bought a vintage skirt that feels alot like the skirt in the 1st image.


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