Paco Park

The lovely girls behind  Paco Park , Marianne and Carmela, contacted me a few weeks ago and I instantly loved their designs: hip and graphic blazers with a certain je ne sais quoi of super creative energy, yet subtle and chic and really wearable.Parisian cool young things serve as models to showcase the beautiful tailored blazers created by this super aussie Paris based duo.

Visit their website for more info and photos at or become a fan on their Facebook page at

3 comentários:

La Jodi3 & La Couture said...

i like the blazer it is really nice and chic... perfect for the upcoming season ~ FALL!

Forgetmenot said...

very parisian chic! I'd love to get a stripped blazer but with my country tropical weather I don't know where would I wear it :S

sara. said...

obrigada Joana. também sigo o teu blog, gosto muito dos posts que fazes. há uns tempos enviei-te um email acerca do room service, chegaste a recebe-lo? bjs,


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