December inspiration pt. I

Pretty, pretty pictures collecetd fom here and there, serve as my inspirational moodboard for December.
I've never paid so much attention to sweaters as I am this winter. I've always been a buttoned up shirt type of girl, but now I'm a buttoned up shirt and a sweater girl.
I like the way they look conservative, yet modern and feminine without screaming super girly.

As an avid fan of everything showcased at La Garçonne I can't help mentioning the amazing brand Lou: marvelous cashmere sweaters in a range of wonderful colors.

9 comentários:

lavelle said...

i love this post! great inspiration x

Lili said...

recomendo isto

lembrei-me delas mal vi o post:)

EFFIE said...

cool collage :) lots of good inspiration!

Alexandra said...

Lovely collage.

Joanna M said...

Hi Lavelle,
Thank you :) I'm glad you liked it!

Joanna M said...

Olá Lili!
Oh uau, sim, adorei! Obrigada por teres partilhado!!
Podes dizer-me por favor o teu username no facebook..já não sei onde guardei :s

Joanna M said...

Hi Effie!
Thank you for passing by and leaving your comment!
Glad you liked it!

Joanna M said...

Hi Alexandra,
Thank you so much for your comment :))

Anonymous said...

Pretty in these long <a href=">Black skirts</a>!


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