sunday morning


These are the things that a Sunday morning in the winter mean to me: unmade bed, cereals with blueberries and raspberries, jam on toast, watching "The Simpsons" rerun, going back to bed, drawing one or two sketches, writing a lame little poem, going online and search for vintage 1950s/1960s prom dresses on Etsy. Thinking about baking something. Decide not to bake anything. Decide to create something really, really good and artistic. Ending up not creating anything. Pet my cats. Oh Sunday, I miss thee already.

The Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning
Aran cable jumper - Le Mont St. Michel (at Urban Outfitters Boutique)
"Jamie" jeans - Topshop
Three strap flats - Vivienne Westwood (at Hervia)

12 comentários:

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

This summarises Sundays perfectly!

Alexandra said...

Looks like perfection!

Joanna M said...

Hi soph (owl vs. dove)

Thank you for your comment. Lazy, lazy sundays :)

Danielle said...

Great sweater. And there is nothing in the world better than berries on a Sunday morning.


hannah-rose said...

i love this a lot!! very alexa chung with that jumper and those buckle flats..


Lili said...

o meu email

gostei muito das fotos:)

WENDY said...

That's a really beautiful and cozy looking jumpers and the shoes, gorgeous :)
Sounds like a perfect Sunday btw.


sara. said...

camisola branca e gato preto. prevejo tragédia.

Madelene said...

1. lovely sweater.
2. I like the door(?) behind you in the photo.

Random I know!

Ella said...

oh those shoes are gorgeous! i am almost positive alexa chung has those :)

Maude said...

hi :)
Very nice outfit, very cosyy. Could you please tell me in which size you took your sweater, because i love the way it "looses" perfectly.
Thanks and good afternoon :)


BB de la Branche said...

Et je continue à tout lire depuis tout à l'heure, je suis archi fan ...


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