Colours pt. 1

Tomato red Saint James mariniére| Mon Beau Temps de Ma Vie day planner (via Old Faithful Shop)| Peter Jensen's Anna Karina inspired AW 2011 collection|

Grey  Jane Shrimpton having breakfast in bed, 1965 (via fiendish-wonder)| Grey t-shirt (at Toast) | Chantal Goya

Soft and girly Tocca Cleopatra perfume| Fairytale blouse (at Nadinoo) | Hop Hop Hop collier petit coeur (at Smallable)|Carine Gilson Théme Egérie silk crepe de Chine bra (at Net-a-Porter)

Oatmeal and toffee Patrick Ervell one pocket sweater (at La Garçonne) | Amazon Classics, The Picture of Dorian Gray | Chanel classic two tone  flats| Muji notebook

5 comentários:

are you dressing up or dressing down said...

lovely colour palette.

Helen, X

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

I love how each of these items has been organised.

Raquel said...

Great post and beautiful blog! I love the concept & can't wait to keep exploring.. x

heart in a cage said...

Lovely collages! I love the colour palette as well.

Jip said...

lovely sets :)


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