Hard day's night

From day

to night

to day again.

1.Topshop duffle coat| Random black jeans| Isabel Marant low boots
2. Topshop 60s inspired dress| Vintage 60s coat| Miu Miu multi strap flats
3. A.P.C. sailor top| Monoplaza cardigan| Random black jeans

Mi Ami - Hard Up
(rather addicting druggy paranoid synths, especially made for those vaguely remembered dance floor moves and shakes from last night..We have a t-u-n-e!)

13 comentários:

María said...

Do you mind if one day I raid your closet? My! You have impeccable taste.

Joanna M said...

Only if you make me a tour of Spain's coolest spots(shops :)

Tamara said...

Love the mood in these! And your blog is really really nice :)

Anonymous said...

Where is that wolf print paper/background in the last picture from? Have you drawn it or is it a wallpaper? It's so lovely, please let me know!

Lady Moriarty said...

I'm a little bit too old for wearing them, anayway, I love those Miu Miu shoes

See U !

Joanna M said...


Thank you for your comment!

The print paper is taken from Little Fashion Gallery's magazine. Let me just check the illustrator's name and I'll tell you.

Fashionstyle said...

Delicious !

Sofie said...

Which brand/model is your watch?
It's a beautiful one!

Joanna M. said...

Hi Sofie,

I bought the watch in a really cheap store in the street; it has no brand but i really liked the retro design :)

Joanna M. said...

The illustrator who made the wolf artwork is Marina Vandel.

Hope this helps:

Anonymous said...

i'm in love with yoyr blog, so great!!

asha said...

Gorgeous. I love how you have presented these images :) I also want to steal your clothes.

victoria / cats dreaming in keylime said...

I love those goddamn boots.


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