Mulberry "Lily" bag| Kate Moss for Topshop tweed blazer| 

A.P.C. dungarees| Topshop navy silk shirt| Vivienne Westwood flats

My five goals for this Spring:
1. Stop making wishlists of everything I find remotely cool (including bags and shoes) in order to become more and more selective in terms of shopping. I think balance and quality are really the key for a successful wardrobe.
2. Going vegan. I'm a vegetarian, but now I think it's time to go vegan, because healthwise I just feel more energetic.
3. Remove eyeliner before going to bed...I'm not 16 anymore, you see? And the Alice Cooper look actually looks pretty creepy.
4. Invest in really, really good face creams (like Sisley, Crème de La Mer, etc..I'm open to your suggestions) because I'm not 16 anymore, you see? ;)
5. Saving money for a Contax camera.

What are your goals for this Spring?

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María said...

I love your bag. I am surprised because when I saw it in pictures it seemed to me much smaller!

lin said...

The bag looks and lovely, and I wish I could pull off dungarees the way you do. I'm always aiming to buy less and better; I guess that won't change season after season.

For richer creams, I like Estee Lauder, and Jurlique is good if you're interested in organic products.

Ashley said...

Good luck on achieving all of your goals! And I like the blazer you're wearing in the second pic:)

Raquel said...

Love the bag & blazer. Also, I am obsessed with your blog header! Great design x

PiruletadeGato said...

I'm with you about hte first one

emmy said...

the mulberry bag is absolutely amazing! I think I need to have it!

Dedal e Fita Métrica said...

good luck to every goals that you have!! =)

it's really nice your blog! i'm follow you :)

follow me back in

Janelle Burger said...

I think face creams all basically have the same crap in there. There are a lot of chemicals your face doesn't need too. I used to use Lush cosmetics, everything is handmade and chemical free and does an excellent job too, which is suprising! Also, having a good diet helps more than face creams. I once didn't use any facial products for a month and my face was REALLY good! weird huh.
What did you end up buying anyway?

Mina said...

i love this blazer and the bag!

Chic Noir said...

1. decrease the amount of meat I'm eating by about 80%.

2. Eat more green vegtables.

3. purchse rings from Tiffany. (paloma picasso hammered ring 1of3)

4. Save for fall vacation.

5. Go to the gym

Chic Noir said...

hey, do you read into the gloss? If not you should, you can find out what moisturisers the fashin people are wearing.

Joanna M said...

María: I was afraid the bag was too small too (at least in pictures it looks really tiny)but surprinsingly in terms of size it's quite balanced!

lin: Yes, the dungarees are a bit risky; I wasn't really sure about them but they were on you have :)
Thank you for the tips on face creams! I'm going to check Jurlique!

Ashley: Kate Moss for Topshop is da bomb! :)
I love tweed blazers, and this one in particular is really, really awesome!

Raquel: Hi!
The blog design is by the lovely and very artistic Kate from Kites in Summer (check her portofolio here! She's super talented :)

PiruletadeGato: Absolutely! Selection leads to perfection I suppose :)

emmy: I'm glad you like it! This bag was in my mind for such a long time, and I'll tell you, it's perfect and versatile (either in terms of colour, size,etc.)

Dedal e Fita Métrica: Thanks for stopping by!
Going to check your blog :)

Lush cosmetics...(taking notes right now)
I usually wear Weleda's Wild Rose cream because it's quite effective, chemical free, no animal testing and it's cheap (around 20 euros). I read in a magazine that the new "nouvelle vague" of beauty routine is based in inverting the usual steps: so at night we should wash the face using a gentle soap based cleanser and then moisturize as usual, and at morning we should not wash the face, but instead we should use a tonic or a rich emulsion with a cotton pad and then apply the moisturizer. This makes sense I suppose.
I'm sure I won't buy any of these because they are tremendously expensive and probably animal tested :s
I'm going to check Lush products right now!
p.s. Still GTL-ing in Paris? ;D

Mina: Hi Mina! Thanks by stopping by!Thank you for your comment!

Chic Noir: I really liked reading your 5 Spring goals! I really, really liked your choices.
"Into the Gloss" is seriously addictive! Thank you so much for sharing!:)
Saving for fall vacation seems like a really clever plan... maybe I'll add this one to my list! ;)

ruthie said...

Lovely blog! Go check "Origins" it's the green line by Estèe Lauder. Very good products!!

Law Fashionista said...

I love that little Mulberry cross body! I am yet to find the right one for myself! Good luck for achieving your goals!


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