Garçon manqué pt. I

             Moi, j'adore me maquiller les yeux.Moi, j'aime être une fille mais parfois je m' habille               comme  un garçon. Comme un garçon manqué.      
(Merci à Mlle. Anaïs pour la correction)

This is a two-part post (possibly a never know, because the possibilities of this particular style are endlessless). Ever since I can remember I was never a girly-girl, and neither I liked to dress like one.
Emmanuelle Alt of the French Vogue and singer/fashion icon Alison Mosshart both claim they don't own a single skirt/dress in their closets. Well I might be not as drastic as them, but to be quiet honest with you whenever I wear skirts or "proper" dresses I never feel like "myself". Maybe because I've always looked up as style icons people like Mick Jagger and Johnny Lydon (well... both of them are boys) and also skinny little androgynous 1960s models. 
I like to think my of my style as a jeans and t-shirt type of girl. I tend to choose nice fabrics and understated designs so I'm an Acne jeans and A.P.C. t-shirt kind of girl. (currently I really can't stand Zara or H&M or the like anymore. It's not because it's a pseudo-bourgeois thing or anything like that. I just don't like the fabrics and the designs and the huge crowds).
This post is an experiment around the key elements that make the perfect tomboy wardrobe.

The polka dot silk shirt (because it adds a feminine/quircky accent)
Streetstyle shot via Vanessa JackmanAntipodium Shirt in Silk Crepe de Chine (at Asos)

The 60s inspired messed up chic bun and the cat eye (because 60s girls do it better)

Via Miss Moss tumblr | Muji hair pins and hair bands here

The long sleeve shirt ( the must-have)
Eric Guilleman for J. Lindberg Biannual Book, via Fashion Gone Rogue|Steven Alan shirt (at La Garçonne)

The classic parka (perfect for the Spring transition)
A Day in Burgundy shot by Vincent Tsang via OTH Avenue | A.P.C. classic parka in navy (at Très Bien Shop)

The ultra classic shoulder bag (a no fuss bag)
Found via Tumblr | Céline Classic Box bag

The sweatshirt (tomboy staple)
Taken from an editorial shot by Sarah Maingot Petit Bateau pull marin to rock the white long sleeved shirt

...and also *゜**
- Keep the color choice reduced to a minimal palette.
- Keep the designs simple, no fuss, no bold prints.
- Wear tailored shirts a half size or a size up.
- Own the perfect record collection (keep it classic, keep it simple).
- Act like you know it (and you do know it) 
- Add a touch of humour.

16 comentários:

koko // res pulchrae said...

Beautiful post. I wear pants almost all the time. Maybe it has to do with bad associations from high school wearing my uniform kilt in the grimy subway.

I do wear skirts and dresses in the summertime though, as the humidity is often unbearable in the city and everything sticks to your skin.

Great choice of images, especially Ms. Huston!

María said...

I love this post, I honestly do, so I can't wait for more!

Raquel said...

I honestly love this post. I love classic pieces and I'm definitely a tomboy. Everything listed here are true necessities!

hannah, heart city said...

like like like. while i sometimes like to be the girly girl i'm a simple jeans and white tee girl most days.

PiruletadeGato said...

This is the definition of chic!

Max said...

I call it my uniform, and it is very similar to your tomboy chic described here. It's reminicent of my old school uniform (England). I can recommend cullotes as a tomboy chic alternative to skirts.
Please, more of these postings!
Love your blog x

celine said...

love this post! and all of the pieces you chose! fantastic! :)

asha said...

I really loved this post. I too struggle with dresses, and never really feel comfortable in them unless they avant-garde, over the top vintage things. I'm still looking for a gorgeous LBD that I feel comfortable in. Not sure if that will happen.

Miss Ewig said...

Hi!! Just shortly I discovered your blog... And I love it!
The most of the times I wear pants or jeans. That dots shirt is very cute!!!
Xxx from Spain!! :D

Tynan, Angelica said...


I found your post via Anabela's blog & I must say, I could get lost here for days!!!

Love that you featured Anjelica Huston.


lavelle said...

this post is perfection. i love your style xx

Janelle Burger said...

I went to Zara on Monday to find something to wear to a wedding and everything was fucked. I tried on about 13 different items and it was just ehh. Everything was over sized dresses and shirts and that tulip style skirt (you know what I mean?). They don't cater to all body types. Argh it made me so mad. I walked out empty handed.

T-shirt and jeans are the way to go! I don't own any dresses or skirts either. They are so uncomfortable and you can't ride a bike or sit on the floor cross legged in one. You have to be a proper lady and that's annoying. But hey some girls love skirts so what do I know!

Ginta said...

What a perfect post! I fall back to wearing black skinnies and silk shirts all the time. Effortless & simple.
That Antipodium shirt is absolutely perfect!

La.Mademoiselle.X said...

o vestuário masculino é o meu refúgio de eterna tomboy... lá vou fazendo upgrades com sapatos mais sofisticados e acessórios (e ainda assim, sinto-me de novo punk pelo que a androgenia, em alguns momentos, persiste). mas t-shirts, camisas, cardigans, casacos e malhas roubados no armário dele continuam a ser as minhas peças preferidas.

La.Mademoiselle.X said...

ps: e é claro que concordo em absoluto com a colecção de discos. :)

Miss Moss said...

consider me a fan.


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