q&a with *Miss Little Lime

Today I'm introducing a new blog feature: q&a with some of my favourite bloggers.
*Miss Little Lime is a sweetheart and I asked her a few questions.
She takes wonderful photos, has a great eye for beautiful things and a refined taste, either in fashion, literature, music and cinema.

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Q. Define your style.
A.I believe that, as Strunk said in The Elements of Style, the approach to style is by way of plainness, simplicity, orderliness, sincerity. Although he wrote of style as in the style of effective writing, I still find his words enlightening and useful as the guiding principle of my very own effective dressing as well. I rely on a few wardrobe staples, and add personal touch to my own style through striving for proportionality and accessorising with simple jewelleries that carry a special meaning for myself.

Q.What/who are your style references?
A.I love referring to the lookbooks of lagarconne.com, Margaret Howell and A.P.C., and to my online scrapbook/tumblr philo-sofia. I am definitely into girls with slightly boyish looks, added with their own feminine touches. I also find inspiration in how the writer Françoise Sagan dressed (link here).

Q. Your favourite beauty tip?
A. Always keep your eyebrows nicely trimmed - they enhance the beauty of your eyes.

Q. A sartorially perfect garment?
A. A grey crew-neck cashmere sweater that fits me just right. I've got one from a small vintage market in New York this spring - and I can wear it all year long with a black skirt plus ballet flats, or black cigarette pants plus loafers. I would never let it go!

Q. Your favourite spots in London? And in Paris?
A. In London, I love going to the V&A museum, Rose Bakery on the top floor of Dover Street Market for tea, St James Park to visit the Queen and the ducks, Portobello Market for vintage treasures and Brixton Village for dinner and soaking up its bohemian air. 

In Paris, I love sitting by the quay of Ile St-Louis, visiting Musée Rodin and its garden, playing the old piano inside Shakespeare & Co. Bookshop, getting a chocolat viennois (trèèès délicieux!) on Rue de Bac and lounging in Jardin du Luxembourg.

Q. What does "modern" means to you?
A. Something that belongs to the very era we are in now, but I am not quite sure if I like 'modern' things - I always find the books, music and stories from the past much more evocative and elegant.

Q. Where do you see yourself in ten years?
A. Hopefully I will be residing in Hong Kong or Paris as a paediatrician, having come back from a few years of humanitarian work (I have spent the past few months working in the office of Médecins Sans Frontières and hope to work for them in the field once I graduate as a doctor) - alongside of my normal day time job I hope to open a lovely florist that sells only roses and peonies and play with a jazz band at night, throw many dinner parties, read lots and swim lots and laugh lots. Well then, I better start building my life towards this rosy dream now... (:

All photos by *Miss Little Lime
Un grand merci à Kat

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anni said...

wonderful interview with a wonderful blogger, thank you for this!

lin said...

Love this interview, she is one of my favourite bloggers. Can't wait to see whom you feature next!

La.Mademoiselle.X said...

gostei muito. vocês são duas das minhas bloggers preferidas. :)

valerie enríquez said...

What a great idea to have a Q&A, I look forward to more!

The World Tour said...

Beautiful pics..


A couple of lovers sailing around the world.

Claire * Lola Is Beauty said...

So nice! You are both two of my faves so this was a treat.

heart in a cage said...

I love the new feauture, great idea! I really enjoyed this interview, Miss Little Lime is one of my favourite bloggers!

Joanna said...

anni: thank you for your comment! i'm glad you liked the interview.

lin: thank you for your comment! i'm trying to figure out who will be featured next ...

La.Mademoiselle.X: obrigada! Fico contente por teres gostado :)

valerie enriquez: thank you!

The World Tour: The photos are all by *Miss Little Lime! :)

Claire*Lola Is Beauty: thank you for your comment! I'm glad you liked it! you're a sweetheart!

heart in a cage: hi sweetheart! I'm happy you liked it!

Ginta said...

Great interview!
When Miss Little Lime opens her florist shop I'll be her the most devoted client. :))

Alexandra said...

Great new feature!


L.L. said...

Can't wait for the future interviews!

Malory.R said...

Yeah cool ! :)Nice pics!
http://mesconfessionsparisiennes.wordpress.com :)

Lindsay K said...

Lovely interview. Can't wait to see who you interview. She is one of my favorites.

danica said...

i loved reading this! it's such a perfect collaboration from two inspiring bloggers.

disneyrollergirl said...

How lovely. Yes, I need a grey cashmere round neck sweater ' that fits just so' in my life.

Anonymous said...

Ran across your blog via Tumblr, absolutely in love with it. Your shoes are so beautiful they make me want to cry. I love the center heels and the black and white flats to the right. And those wingtip pumps. And the oxfords. And all of them.

Your personal style is fantastic. Much love!


Tana said...

so nice! read it with pleasure :)


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