On my sticky notes...fall 2011 pt.I

The most dreadful part of the year has arrived. Summer collections are long gone by and most of stores are stocking up just a little sneak preview of their Winter collections. What to wear? Tormented question.
In any case I've been taking notes of key items that I must have in my wardrobe for the upcoming season. Since Summer is technicality on it's peak right now I've only collected a few key items, as follows : 70s glam hats, princess coats and chelsea boots.

Completely off the record: Is it just me or Topshop is stocking up some of the coolest Fall items I've seen in awhile? 
1.Marais USA 2. Balenciaga Arena Chelsea boots (currently out of stock) 3. Ascott patent black boots at Topshop 4. Asos Andre leather boots 4. Streetstyle photo via Parisx3

Sandro Paris Manteau Merveille here

Sweetest lookbook so far...
Mademoiselle Tara by Tara Jarmon lookbook hiver 2011-12 featuring the fabulous Irina Lazereanu. 
Love the mix between the 60s inspired silhouettes and the contemporary color palette. In store from September.

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Sarah said...

i love what you've put together here! i am dying for a pair of chelsea boots this fall.

jamie-lee said...

I'm finding it so strange that next seasons collections are already hitting the shop floor and I'm still well entrenched in the current one. Have to say, I agree with you on the Topshop front, the shoes right? Incredz!!

Alexandra said...

I am on a constant quest for a princess coat. Love this one.
And the Chelsea boots are amazing!


María said...

The Chelsea boots are on my winter wishlist too. In fact, I'd be satisfied if I find a pair of boots I like.

I am also looking for a princess coat, but I am trying vintage girl coats on e-bay and etsy.

Joanna said...

Sarah: Thank you :)
Yeah me too but I'm still searching for the perfect pair!

jamie-lee : The shoes are out of this world!! I'm also loving the colors and the silhouettes.

Alexandra: I think Sandro coat is amazing,very balanced and elegant unfortunately the price is way out of my range..

Maria: Yeah me too. Last year I was able to find a wonderful vintage Harrods coat on Ebay. Good luck with your search :)

Statement of Fashion said...

Gostei das tuas anotações! principalmente dos chapéus e das botas.

Mas sinto que ainda nem sequer aproveitei o verão!

Ginta said...

I'm so with you on the chelsea boots! I've been looking for a perfect pair for ages and just found one last week!

Ashley said...

This is colour done right! xx


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