a smile and a wink gets you further than you think

Currently i am in this ever evolving  process of collecting my thoughts when it comes to achieve a beautifully clean retro inspired style; this time in particular for the upcoming autumn season.
I am trying to figure it out and so far I have collected the following concepts: a touch of étudiante preppy| a touch of tomboy |and a touch of 60s sleek chic (season after season i always end up using 60s references as  inspiration to achieve either the perfect hairstyle, the perfect make up, or the perfect outfit proportion because in its essence it's a decade where classical style was influenced by an air of elegant modernity). I am afraid though of getting too repetitive when it comes to evoke the references that I believe when combined generate a perfect style that serve both  its mundane and its creative purposes.

More and more I believe that style has to do with quality and most importantly with the choice of
perfect colour palette (I should probably write an elegy evoking the powerful secrets of colours: an ode
for navy and bleu marine, a sonnet for the camel shades, an epic poem about the virtues of oxblood red,
and a poem about every other shade of grey. And what about the virtues of intriguingly seductive colours
such as the melodious mustard yellow and the mysterious jade green? And the importance of patterns!
And the sometimes neglected importance of frivolous accessories!Oh fashion, how I love thee playful
I won't follow trends if they don't suit my personal style: i think it's a tragic sight to watch women walking
miserably in huge  heels or wearing something that make her terribly uncomfortable  just because it's"on
trend".To better illustrate what I mean, I quote Ellen Wallace's article Secrets of French Girls (via Dead
“Here (in Paris) a woman tries to be subtle,” she continued. “In New York, women seem to need to prove they are aware of fashion. The really fundamental rule is always be neat. You should be clean, your clothes ironed, your shoes polished. Then you must know and accept yourself; don’t try to hide your faults — that will only make you uncomfortable because you will be fighting what you are. American women often seem to be striving for some norm. If you’re short, there is no point in wearing high heels just to make yourself look taller. (...) Maite added that French women do not dress for men. “French women don’t dress to be sexy. Of course we do dress to seduce — that’s different from trying to ‘catch’ a man by wearing flamboyant clothes. The basic attitude is different. A French woman never feels she’s offering herself. There’s never a sense of surrender, but an attitude of ‘I belong to me’.”

And so, I continue to  sensibly plan my wardrobe for another season.

1.Stillshot of Luca Guadagnino's I am Love 2. Annemarie Schwarzenbach in Berlin 1932 shot by Marianne Breslauer (via kraftgenie) 3.4.Venetia Scott for Orla Kiely fall/winter 2011-12 (from here) 5.6.vanessa jackman behind the scenes at the MiH Jeans Spring/Summer 2012 lookbook (studio) shot 7.photo via salicaria 8.9. margaret howell fall/winter 2011-12 lookbook (via trois douze)

4 comentários:

trampoline said...

Hi! The first picture is from the Luca Guadagnino movie, "I am Love". It's wonderful, see it!

hannah, heart city said...

oof excellent fall inspiration. i love the margaret howell line, its a bit film noir no?

Miss Ewig said...

That is so true... Some think they are more sexy with heels or watever... But less sexy is that they cant walk or move!! Sexy and beautiful is beeing one self!
Very nice selection for this autum...

Xxx from Formtenra!! :D

Joanna said...

trampoline: Thank you so much for your message! I had saved this image but I totally lost track from where it was from!

hannah, heart city: yes, there is a bit of film noir inspiration in this collection! margaret howell always manage to impress me season after season with impeccable tailoring and easy to wear yet elegant aesthetics.

Miss Ewig:Thank you so much for your comment! :) bisous


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