autumn colours (pt.I)

I've been looking for inspiring little things that will suit both my needs of everyday wear (winter coats, nice sweaters, nice shirts, nice jeans and more than ever this season I've been paying a lot more attention to skirts), but also that serve their purpose as a dreamy, lovely  and inspiring little garment. Not that I am actually finding many inspiring things lately (this autumn wardrobe will resemble a bit to the one of the previous season, you know, lots of knit jumpers, silk shirts, duffle coat, etc...) So I decided to focus my attention mainly on colours.

black and grey
Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton bag|Louis Vuitton bow shoes|La Garçonne sweater

cream & beige
Margaret Howell duffle coat|La Garçonne Moderne Alpaca handknit sweater|A.P.C. bag|Stella McCartney bra|

A.P.C.jumper|The Kooples blazer| Boy by Band of Outsiders shirt| Repetto Rhésus Ballerinas|NARS lipstick

9 comentários:

Aida said...

Love it all!!!!!! =) Cant wait for fall to come!

Anna said...

perfection xx

roamkix vintage said...

Love the cream and beige. xx

rental mobil said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Sarah said...

these collections are so clean yet warm. i'm fixated on the top photo.

A Refinaria said...

perfect. I love every piece!
And bordeaux will definitely be invading my closet!

Fydez said...

Just beautiful and inspiring given that I am a big fan of fall.

I just want to say that your blog has been one of my constant inspirations of mine. It's one of my faves. You have the wardrobe I env and pictures that make me swoon.


rita areias said...

Estou como tu, sem conseguir encontrar peças que sejam verdadeiramente inspiradoras.

O preto, cinzento, creme e bege são as cores que por norma mais uso. Mas o bordeaux parece-me uma boa aposta para este Outono. :)

Lindsay K said...

Love bordeaux for fall. So rich.


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