the modernists

Photography by Alasdair McLellan
Styling by Suzanne Koller

60s inspired - checked. 
chunky aran sweaters paired with pleated mini skirts - checked.
kitten heels - checked.
bouffant hair - checked.
leopard print(s) - checked.
mohair - checked.
(modern)cat eye+matte lips - checked.
cigarettes and bouclé jackets - yes, please.

8 comentários:

Aida said...

Love the pics, amazing!! So inspirational!

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

Love the mood of this editorial. So proper, yet with a sense of rebellion. If that makes any sense at all!

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

Great post. I really like your blog.^^

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desprezo said...

perfect ending to a great post!

Megan said...

NIce! I love the Kinks!!!!!

Jip said...

I really enjoy your blog!

Paige said...

goodness I love this mood, and your blog! its very refreshing :)

Maura Teixeira said...

I love your blog! :D


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