petite robe noir

vintage 1960s velvet dress with bow|repetto ballerines a talons

New Order - Ecstasy

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Ballad of Seasons said...

I love how you take pictures of your outfits!
xoxo, Betül

rebecca said...

Such a beautiful dress, and the bow detail is perfect.

Austere said...

This dress is absolute perfection- the fit, the color, the luxuriousness of the velvet...everything.

Also, your outfit photos are always so enchanting!

Sarah said...


Aida said...

Lovely pics, so good!

Miss Sparkle Blog said...

Love the photography - so dreamy!

Vittoria said...

I love your little black dress. And I love your blog, too!

If you want to take a look at mine, this is the link:


Marisa said...

O vestido é lindíssimo!
Fica-te muito bem!

Joanna said...

Ballad of Seasons: Hello!
Thank you :)

rebecca: Hi! Thank you for your comment!

Austere: Hello! Thank you.

Sarah: Hi! How are you? Thank you!

Aida: Hi! Thank you so much!!

Miss Sparkle Blog: Hi! Thank you :)

Vittoria: Hello! Thank you for stopping by! I'll definitely take a look at your blog!

Marisa: Olá! Obrigada pelo teu comentário! :)

lapindelune said...

The dress has such a simple yet beautiful silhouette, I really love arms & neck. And the shoes suit it to perfection - I remain charmed by Repetto's without ever having tried them myself. One day..!

rita areias said...

O vestido tem uma silhueta linda.

E já tinha saudades de me perder encantada com as imagens do teu blogue. :)

Suzzy said...

Loved your blog a lot!!! Lovely pictures!! :)

Bela Monstro said...

adorei este post! delicado e artístico - perdoa-me mas não sei defini-lo de outra forma


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