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Onra - Chinoiseries (2007)

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Vittoria said...

Wow! I love those pics, particularly the one with Françoise Hardy (she's soooo beautiful) and the one with the two kids drinking and smoking. Quite creepy but funny ;)


lola is beauty said...

Pretty, amazing, cute, awesome - not necessarily in that order!

Sense said...

Beautiful pics!! Congrats, great blog!!

helen @ thelovecatsINC said...

amazing set of photos!

definitely going to follow your blog!

best wishes, helen @ thelovecatsINC


little moon lover said...

amazing shots.. I'm particularly taken away by the little girl with the "I'm an ugly brunette" quote.. where's that from?
cool blog!

barbara. said...


etcétera said...


Anonymous said...

Ralf.. <3


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