thinking of summer already?

 Stills taken from "Touch of Evil"- The Siren's Screen Captures via Kirsten

I know... we're not over Christmas yet but I just had to share with you these stills, because I immediately thought about Summer 2012; I'm loving the lemon colour, the orange fizz nail polish,the deep rose lipstick , the 70s white sandals,the hairstyle, the black and white floor that reminded me of "Twin Peaks" (!). Also thinking of Summer I recently  stumbled upon Kobe Husk from Sydney, Australia, and they produce the most amazing wedge sandals. 
Have you thought about Spring-Summer 2012 already? Have you come up with any concept for inspiration? Do you have a crush on any resort collection in particular?
I am really loving the pastels in acqua, lime green, pale orange, pale pink, lemon, with little hints of gold (like those golden Repetto mary janes that have been chasing my dreams lately).

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Carmo said...

nunca me senti bem em mostrar favoritismos na blogosfera... mas este é o meu blog favorito! cada vez mais inspirador :)

Ballad of Seasons said...

these colors are amazing, but for the first time I'm enjoying a winter season (weird, I hated winter). But can't stop looking to the summer collection of Valentino

I also tagged you here Mignonette: if you'd like to do it ;)

Indie.Tea said...

I haven't started thinking summer yet...we had a really late autumn here, the weather just barely started cooling down in November (!).
The colors are so cheerful.

Alexandra said...

I love the color palette too!

Kiki's the cutest,

Alex @ Harvested


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