one bag, four outfits (and a new vase)

I have a new favourite bag. It's the Sofia Coppola bag.It's practical and big enough to carry all my stuff (moleskine journal, pen and pencils, lip balm, camera, etc.). I've tried it with different outfits and I think it's quite versatile. What do you think? 。○。。。。○。

outfit #1 
burgundy sweater and skirt zara|iris silk shirt alexa chung for madewell debut collection|coppola bag

outfit #2
antipodium propagator silk shirt (at 30cancan)|topshop baxter jeans

outfit #3
(old) h&m smock dress|uniqlo beige cardigan|vintage kangol hat (oops it doesn't show!)

outfit #4
navy zara cardigan| topshop baxter jeans|thrifted chanel flats (oops they don't show!)

and a new vase!
Soft Metals - Psychic Driving

a smile and a wink gets you further than you think

Currently i am in this ever evolving  process of collecting my thoughts when it comes to achieve a beautifully clean retro inspired style; this time in particular for the upcoming autumn season.
I am trying to figure it out and so far I have collected the following concepts: a touch of étudiante preppy| a touch of tomboy |and a touch of 60s sleek chic (season after season i always end up using 60s references as  inspiration to achieve either the perfect hairstyle, the perfect make up, or the perfect outfit proportion because in its essence it's a decade where classical style was influenced by an air of elegant modernity). I am afraid though of getting too repetitive when it comes to evoke the references that I believe when combined generate a perfect style that serve both  its mundane and its creative purposes.

More and more I believe that style has to do with quality and most importantly with the choice of
perfect colour palette (I should probably write an elegy evoking the powerful secrets of colours: an ode
for navy and bleu marine, a sonnet for the camel shades, an epic poem about the virtues of oxblood red,
and a poem about every other shade of grey. And what about the virtues of intriguingly seductive colours
such as the melodious mustard yellow and the mysterious jade green? And the importance of patterns!
And the sometimes neglected importance of frivolous accessories!Oh fashion, how I love thee playful
I won't follow trends if they don't suit my personal style: i think it's a tragic sight to watch women walking
miserably in huge  heels or wearing something that make her terribly uncomfortable  just because it's"on
trend".To better illustrate what I mean, I quote Ellen Wallace's article Secrets of French Girls (via Dead
“Here (in Paris) a woman tries to be subtle,” she continued. “In New York, women seem to need to prove they are aware of fashion. The really fundamental rule is always be neat. You should be clean, your clothes ironed, your shoes polished. Then you must know and accept yourself; don’t try to hide your faults — that will only make you uncomfortable because you will be fighting what you are. American women often seem to be striving for some norm. If you’re short, there is no point in wearing high heels just to make yourself look taller. (...) Maite added that French women do not dress for men. “French women don’t dress to be sexy. Of course we do dress to seduce — that’s different from trying to ‘catch’ a man by wearing flamboyant clothes. The basic attitude is different. A French woman never feels she’s offering herself. There’s never a sense of surrender, but an attitude of ‘I belong to me’.”

And so, I continue to  sensibly plan my wardrobe for another season.

1.Stillshot of Luca Guadagnino's I am Love 2. Annemarie Schwarzenbach in Berlin 1932 shot by Marianne Breslauer (via kraftgenie) 3.4.Venetia Scott for Orla Kiely fall/winter 2011-12 (from here) 5.6.vanessa jackman behind the scenes at the MiH Jeans Spring/Summer 2012 lookbook (studio) shot via salicaria 8.9. margaret howell fall/winter 2011-12 lookbook (via trois douze)

my summer so far consisted of...

 a lot of these.

and some of these.

+。*。+゚i hope you are having a lovely summer.+。*。+゚

candy by kinga burza

1.2.4 photos by kasia bobula 3. lula magazine photo taken by ren rox (via lola is beauty)

i've actually wanted to have written this post about kinga burza's candy a few months ago, but for several reasons i haven't. candy is a precious little love story with a dark twist and actress ella purnell has become an instant favourite. as for the styling well... last season's topshop's  shiny plastic mac never looked so good.

weekday vs. weekend

Alexa Chung for Madewell pindot velvet blouse| Topshop Baxter jeans in grey| Miu Miu multi strap flats |Corpus Christi flower ring|


Thrifted See By Chloé star print silk dress| (really, really) old black high top converse chuck taylors

On my sticky notes...fall 2011 pt.I

The most dreadful part of the year has arrived. Summer collections are long gone by and most of stores are stocking up just a little sneak preview of their Winter collections. What to wear? Tormented question.
In any case I've been taking notes of key items that I must have in my wardrobe for the upcoming season. Since Summer is technicality on it's peak right now I've only collected a few key items, as follows : 70s glam hats, princess coats and chelsea boots.

Completely off the record: Is it just me or Topshop is stocking up some of the coolest Fall items I've seen in awhile? 
1.Marais USA 2. Balenciaga Arena Chelsea boots (currently out of stock) 3. Ascott patent black boots at Topshop 4. Asos Andre leather boots 4. Streetstyle photo via Parisx3

Sandro Paris Manteau Merveille here

Sweetest lookbook so far...
Mademoiselle Tara by Tara Jarmon lookbook hiver 2011-12 featuring the fabulous Irina Lazereanu. 
Love the mix between the 60s inspired silhouettes and the contemporary color palette. In store from September.

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