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Fine packaging? Checked.
A perfect marinière? Checked.
Reduced price? Checked.

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lapindelune said...

I adore their breton tops! I have the blue version which i love to pieces - and an armour lux version in red, which isnt quite the same. I always feel terrible when opening pretty packaging, even tearing the card off a pair of apc socks! It's an indescribable feeling isnt it?

Oh, and I wanted to let you know that my old email inbox died before xmas, and I havent been able to access my old mail (which includes the one you had sent me). If you still wish to chat just drop me a line! So sorry i am late to get the news to you.

Hope things are good! x

Rebecca said...

How odd, like the person who commented above I have the blue version too. It really is perfect, and such a nice thickness. The packaging made me feel like I was buying myself a present, probably something I shouldn't be doing! xx

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

I need a red striped top to add to my collection - I can't believe I don't have one yet! Yours looks absolutely fantastic. xx

Anonymous said...

Good choice. It looks very pretty. I never bought anything from aubin & wills... Maybe I should take advantage of the sales.

Joanna said...

lapindelune: Hi! I was in doubt when buying the red version, first of all I thought about getting one from armor lux or petit bateau but then i saw this one on their website and it convinced me!
Oh absolutely, tearing pretty packaging is awful :)
I will send you an e-mail asap, ok?
Hope everything is alright!
Take care.

Rebecca: Hello. Oh absolutely, the A&W packaging is so pretty! It made feel really special as well! :)
I'm hearing so many good reviews about the blue version that I'm thinking about getting one too!xx

soph vs. owl: Hi, how are you? I totally recommend you getting this one; it's quite perfect in my opinion! xx

soniadeli: It was the first time I ordered something from Aubin and Wills and I was quite happy with their service! They have such an amazing styling; love their stuff!

Carmo said...

good taste?: checked!
stylish girl?: checked!



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