happy days

pull torsades bleu ciel le mont st.michel|topshop bag & jeans
prisme visage givenchy
annick goutal petite chérie

Modern romantics. A large amount of eighties pastels.Lilas,almond,vanilla, precious rose. Les filles en sucre. Well mannered girls. Buttoned up peter pan collars. Bucolic.Discrete.Happy.A gentle reminder of the happy, positive and elegant style of Catherine Deneuve and Françoise Dorléac in Les Demoiselles de Rochefort.
Yet dark clouds hang on the air.Thick grey clouds.Credit crunch. Environmental concerns, work, relationships and anxiety disorders, and a multitude of addictions version 2.0 arise from all of this, from orthorexia (obsession with eating healthy food) to oniomania (the compulsive desire to shop), to workaholics, to facebook stalkers etc. the list is endless Fashion is sweeter and kinder than even this season. Right now more than ever I am feeling the urge of filling my closet with poudré,candy and overall nice colours, like a protective second skin . Be kind, be nice, be gentle.

ps.I can not thank enough to all of you for your sweet and supportive comments in my previous post.They were truly a breath of fresh air and gave me an array of new horizons and perspectives and it's difficult to express into words what I truly felt when reading them.

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Fen said...

such lovely colours - I love Le Mont St Michel but I can never find it anywhere! this sweater is especially lovely. these powdery, candy colours are indeed a beautiful antidote to that dark cloud that seems to be hanging over everything at the moment.


roamkix vintage said...

This is such a beautiful post, I love these images and I want that jumper. Love your blog more and more with every post xxx

lin said...

I feel that gentle mood, although I'm not especially into pastels - I think I'm drawn to things that feel calm (but not harsh or austere).

And agree with everyone that that's a beautiful sweater. Fen, Mont St Michel is available on ASOS, if you want to buy online.

Vittoria said...

It's funny to notice that when the general mood (or even the weather) is dark, we all tend to find happiness in little pleasures, like pastel coloured clothes...
BTW, i love your light blue jumper and the set of images you proposed. Your blog is such a great source of inspiration.


Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Beautiful sweater!

Anonymous said...

Great pics:) I really like your blog..so much nice inspiration. I wish you a lovely weekend.

LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures and lovely colours. This is so dreamy and gentle. I love your blog.
xx Jane

Fabliha said...

that sweater is amazing :)


saarah said...

love your colors & photos!


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