granny takes a trip

 My weekend consisted of: wearing my a.p.c. navy trench coat while buying some new flowers and veggies at the local organic market with my mum. Opening a pretty pink box with new shoes in it. Painting my fingernails in a shade that resembles the milkyway.Wearing my Jil Sander mint coloured box bag.Watching Polanski's "Repulsion" (again), because Catherine Deneuve looks amazing, amazing. Drinking a little glass of "ricard" mixed with some cranberry juice and coconut water while enjoying the sun. Reading "petite robe noir" (again), but only the selected parts that interest me.Watching a documentary on tv about India and dreaming about visiting it. One day. Some day.Taking naps in the afternoon. Listening to new, hip bands with lead male singers who wear moustaches and girls who look like joan jett meets the new york dolls. Returning to the 60s. And to everything lo-fi and cheap.Again.

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Human Racing said...

I really enjoy your writing and wish my weekend had had the same sort of romantic air yours did. So happy you're back and blogging!

earworm said...

ooh thats weird, i just finished a post for tomorrow about deneuve's dress in repulsion - love love her clothes in it


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