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YMC - You Must Create silk shirt
Jil Sander bag
The chinese lady that owns a restaurant where I usually go for take away after a long day at work went to visit her relatives in Shanghai. Today she returned. She showed me photos of her relatives, of the city and other places she went to. I like how her deep red lipstick is always in place and how she combs her slick  raven black hair in a ponytail. I have a special affection for that lady and I guess she feels the same about me. I like the way  we both engage in serious conversations about world events and politics even though I don't understand mandarin and she doesn't understand Portuguese very well. I wish I could go to Shanghai. I think I'll watch the marguerite duras inspired movie "the lover" tonight.
ps. I am the winning bidder on a very nice antique Chinese bone goddess like figurine on ebay (yay!!!)
ps.ii: I can't stop listening to Onra (I can't!!)

4 comentários:

raluca marie wolfski said...

thank you for sharing more.

le reveur.

heart in a cage said...

Perfect! You always look so elegant.
I also really enjoy reading your (witty) entries. :-)

Minchytza said...

I love your blog, thank you for being my endless source of inspiration. x

Anonymous said...

Lovely post.
I'd like to go to Shanghai as well. Friends who have been say it's a beautiful city. In fact, I'd love to make a long trip across China. That's a plan I've had for a couple of years now and I hope it comes reality some time soon.

Love your outfits in these pictures. Is that YMC shirt a recent purchase? such a cute print. I'm tempted to look for it...


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