week in pictures

monday: 8:00am
early morning croissant and igor standing behind the curtains taking a look in the street.

monday: 7:00pm
on my way home i bought some white freesias. i love how freesias smell and i love the way they brighten a bad day.

tuesday: lunchbreak
bought a new bottle of kerastase bain de force shampoo. i truly adore the smell of this shampoo and i also love the way it leaves hair super clean and smooth.i'm also a fan of klorane magnolia shampoo, since i like everything that has magnolia in it, and this shampoo in particular leaves hair super shiny.

tuesday: 9:00 pm
everyday night time ritual: first remove make up with la roche-posay's eau micellaire, than apply one layer of weleda's wild rose smoothing mask to finalize i spray all over the face and neckline a few drops of eau de beauté by caudalie.

wednesday: 8:00 am
golden shoes, for a golden day. (repetto mary janes)

wednesday: 8:30 pm
came home and started baking. i baked these little banana tartelettes and added some brown sugar on top to caramelize. i think the end result is pretty and they tasted nice too ;)

thursday: 6:30 pm
grab an organic ice cream after work.

thursday: 8:00 pm
this baby was in my mail box. i just couldn't wait until late september to hit the stores so i got mine earlier. it's chanel's new f/w 2012 frenzy nail polish. i am really in love with this colour and when applied it looks super discrete yet really different "oh, wait. what's that colour?".

friday: 9:00pm
time to apply the best hand cream ever and relax.

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Beth Retro said...

your blog is gorgeous, i just found it today! i loved this post, especially your lovely shoes! <3

Fen said...

it is actually the best hand cream ever, I can't live without it! x

raluca marie wolfski said...
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raluca marie wolfski said...

oh, i'm so glad you posted.
you should more often, i enjoy discovering your feelings and things &co :).

nikol said...

loved this post. I may have to copy this idea and do a week post as well ; ) also I adore caudalie as well!

senhorita valdez said...

as tartelettes deviam estar super yummy!*

Maricuca said...

De onde mandaste vir o verniz?
(Já sigo o teu blog há uns 3 anos. Ainda bem que decidiste não lhe pôr um fim.)

I am your lung said...

Somehow you managed to turn an ordinary week into something quite interesting. You should do these kind of posts more often!

Joanna said...

Beth Retro: thank you for visiting the blog :) i'm glad you like it!* j.

Fen: yeah absolutely; it's funny because people usually don't mention this hand cream, right? ;)

raluca marie wolfski: hello. your comment made me happy, it really did!hope you have a lovely day j.

nikol: lol, ok, it's cool.
yes, i like caudalie products a lot, but i'm not a big fan of their scrubs because after applying them i feel that i'm smelling like chardonnay..which might come handy in some occasions :p

senhorita valdez: não estavam más...não estavam más.. :) *

Maricuca: obrigada por seguires o blog (mesmo que silenciosamente :)
sim, comprei no ebay. a cor é muito boa. recomendo! *

I am your lung: :))
ok, I will try to do so! hope you a great day! j.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos...Do you have a recipe for the banana tartlets?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos...Do you have a recipe for the banana tartlets?

Sue said...

Just a lovely blog and visually stunning. I love the Repetto Mary Janes but what really appeals apart from the colour is how soft the leather looks.

Freesias are one of my favourite flowers but they never get as much press as peonies and roses. They are just one of the best floral scents around and white ones are particularly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Parece ter sido uma boa semana ! ;)
Tenho estado a namorar o Frenzy da Chanel e gostei da tua mini-review. Vou passar numa loja para experimentar a cor.
As tartelettes de banana tem otimo aspecto - a receita esta disponivel online?

Coco Baracuda said...

I love the glitter Mary Janes, do you know if they are still available to buy?


cece said...

oh ou est l'endroit ou tu as mange ta glace? j'aime beaucoup ton blog :)

Alexandra said...

Cannot leave without the Caudalie Beauty Elixir!
Lovely post.


Francesca Giusti said...

love this pics and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D


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