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orla kiely shirt with velvet trimming
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gary glitter - rock and roll (part two)

unexpectadly i've found the perfect princess coat.I had my eye on a couple of ones, like sessun's pallenberg and also ymc's 60s princess coat but there was always something about them that made me feel undecisive about them. until i've found the one. the one with perfect cut, the one with the perfect collar, the one with the perfectly shaped round buttons. curiously enought it's by tara jarmon, a designer that I've always associated to properly coiffed ladies looking up for kenzo homewear at le bon marché.this issue of lula magazine was rather good. the same doesn't really apply to the gentlewoman and somewhat this issue felt strangely disappointing.It kind of felt "grown up" Way grown up.

the other night, after a long time browsing for something worth to watch on tv, after a long marathon of alan carr's - chatty man show, i've stumbled upon something that caught my eye immediately: hare krishna people, hairy guys with long hair and beards, ladies with the perfect long bangs and 60s eyeliner..well, it was a george harrison documentary. it was really good i tell you,and i recommend it to you if you are a music nerd (because if you're not one you might find it really boring).

unexpectadly i've received a perfectly little black package with a very stylish ribbon. it was from the australian cult store My Chameleon, that I've been lusting after since I ever started  searching  for a decent place to buy thomsen paris shirts online. Well in the package there was this beautiful bracelet, very delicate with a little star (how come they know I have an obsession with stars?? :)
You are able to find at My Chameleon a gorgeous selection of such designers such as Rachel Comey, Cacharel, Stine Goya,Organic by John Patrick, Dieppa Restrepo, etc..
A week full of unexpected surprises indeed.

*** Thank you Ruby***

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