sounds like friday:moon duo

So forget about those fancy dj parties and these 21st cent. designer cravings. Your ipad, i-phone and your blackberry. Your fancy restaurants.The post-millenium tension.What about the essence? Of truth? Of life?
I kill my time the best way that I can.
Bring on the reverb and  a gorey veil of smoke and the smell of burnt leaves and we'll be cool.
I think I've lost my mind in a maze during the 60s. The 1860s. And this song was on.

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la fille citrouille said...

12 new posts of yours in my google reader. weekend couldn't start any better - when it comes to the internet, at least.

you are, by far, by favourite blogger. i want to drink tea and talk about the sixties and films and music and fashion a bit as well all sunday afternoons.

Joanna said...

hello! oh wow that is so sweet from you! :)
yeah, let's do it! I kind of miss having someone to talk to about those things :)



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