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Ben Sherman for PPQ dress|Orla Kiely bag
J.W. Anderson for Topshop Bat jumper| Adorn boots and jeans - Topshop| Equipment silk shirt

I was never a fan of super sexy, you know the drill: showing a lot of skin, super tight outfits.skyscraper heels. Well, no. That just ain't me, because when I do so I feel like I'm in drag.I just can't do sexy! and the few times I have experienced dressing like that I had to balance things a little, i.e. sexy dress with flat shoes, a boy outfit (skinny jeans, coat, chelsea boots) with a cute,feminine shirt with a nice collar and a red lip. Et voilá!.
Why are my style heroes always men? Men with guitars (mick jagger, john lennon, marc bolan, stephen malkmus),men with mics (the beastie boys, jarvis cocker), men with two turntables and a microphone (beck)?
It's chauvinist and awful. I know.
basic boudoir
the basics (from left to right): Diptyque fragrance|Eye pencil by MAC in Teddy|Homeoplasmine all purpose cream| Smith's lip balm
And because most of my days I feel like noel fielding in drag, here it is a little flash from the past to kick off the week.

*** And the lucky Archie Grand competition winners are***

la fille citrouille
Tiffany Thomas
raluca marie wolfski

Thank you all who participated!

14 comentários:

she. said...

Love the dress

Anonymous said...

I feel the same as you! I can't be really sexy or even feminine. Sometimes, I wear cute dresses or feminine shirts. But most of the time, I feel unconfortable. I prefer flat shoes with jeans, an oxford shirt and maybe red lipsitck yes!

Sarah said...

we love all the same things

Joanna said...

she: thank you! actually i've been looking for this dress for ages, but only recently i was able to get it. Surprisingly the quality is rather nice too (like a really thick linen). Anyway...I'm glad you liked it!

surlespavesdeparis: yes...garçon manqué :p especially when walking in Paris and taking the metro, and then do all the errands we have to do in the same day.

Sarah: Really? That's lovely to hear!

tia-ny said...

Hi! I just want to tell you that I love everything about your blog!

I have a question for you: how to order Lula mag, please?

Have a nice day

Tiffany Thomas said...

Lovely! I'm so happy I won one.
Nonetheless, Eau Duelle is one of my favorite Diptyque scents. I can't wait to go to Paris again, so I can try out Volutes. <3

Alexandra said...

Great essentials! Love the dress, it's been on my wishlist for ages!

SY said...

Glad I'm not the only one! It feels so awkward when I attempt a glamourous look. I find it funny how men are style icons for us both, it may not be conventional but it is cool :)

P.S. Love the boots!

María said...

Thank you so much for choosing my outfit!!!

I hardly ever check my old blog email account, so in case you need to, you can get in touch with me at:

PS. That video was so funny :)

Maude said...

you have an impeccable style but it would be rather nice if you could stop copying alexa chung over and over. I mean you're already 27 aren't you ? time to find you're personnality...

Maude said...


lola said...

I love the dress...and I find your style and your photos really inspiring...I must say I spent some time here and really enjoyed, x

Suzanna said...

These basics are perfect.

Anonymous said...

That dress is absolutely amazing. Your style is always so spot on, I'm surprised it took me so long to say, but you're definitely one of my favorites.


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