week in pictures

what a lovely way to start the week than to look at my blossoming new bulbs.

scribble, scribble away with new kaweco pen.
add a little movement and colour to a navy wool jumper with this a.p.c. bracelet.

:::: thursday::::
how lovely is the scent of this aesop handwash soap. it's good to get home at a decent time for a change :)

small stop at a café after work.
my bedroom is looking a little grey gardens but at least I've got a clean jar of roses that I bought this morning.

and by evening, playing an instrument is good for the soul.


 it's sunday morning. it's cold outside. here's my (not so) secret recipe for a comforting muesli, for a relaxing  sunday morning.

3 apples -1 banana-150g of oatmeal-20cl of milk-2 natural yogurts-one lemon-one tablespoon of honey-red berries

In a bowl pour the milk over the oatmeal. Peel the apples into thin slices and the banana into little cubes. Add to the oatmeal mixture the lemon juice, the yogurts, the thin sliced apples, the banana cubes, the honey and the red berries. Gently mixed the ingredients. Take the muesli to the frigde and let it cool for four hours.
This muesli can last for about 4 days if you keep it in the fridge.

3 comentários:

nikol said...

lovely post

Alexandra said...

Beautiful pictures. I looks forward to trying your muesli recipe!


Besma Lucy said...

The instruments and candles look gorgeous! I love perusing your blog x


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