22.1.13 weekly reads

Boutique, Richard Lester

Woke up at around 5:30 am today.Stepping out of my soft, warm bed was like entering a frozen realm
Went back to bed. Turned the tv on. "Sex and the City 1" movie was on. Cried when Carrie wearing vintage got married to Big. I can't believe how something so corny always makes me shed a little tear.
Unrolled my yoga mat. Did my nerdtastic exercises (trying to get some muscle and strenght to pull out doors and things like that). Hit the shower. Got my work uniform on (something navy, something white and something grey. Ah, the joy of colour! Yes, I was uninspired as hell :p
Got my super "I'm awake" milkshake (that consists of milk+fruits- banana, strawberries, apple+a little drizzle of honey).And the day began.

Had to share with you some photos from this book "Boutique" I've been reading this week.

3 comentários:

la fille citrouille said...

your morning sounds so lovely.

Alexandra said...

inspiring images.


Joanna said...

la fille citrouille: :)

Alexandra: Hi, thank you.


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