what beauty brands turn you off

Okay. I'm ready for this one.
We all have a black list of beauty brands that we all love to hate.
Here is my unapologetic list of beauty brands that irritate me to the core: 
1.Clinique - it's cheap and harsh. From the packaging, to the skin treatments and make up, nothing is alluring about this brand.
2.Lancôme - this brand represents everything rubbish in the beauty industry. From the rubbish  airbrushed commercials, to the rubbish scientific achievements, to their awful scents, i truly hate this brand.
3. The Body Shop - Does anynone still shop at The Body Shop? It's so Helena Christensen 90s vegan phase. " yesss (danish accent) I love when my hair smells of bananas". Huh.no thanks.
4. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat - This actually does nothing for me (sacrilege).
5. MAC - Their staff intimidates me. They all look like they are waiting for you in a foggy alley, wearing a black cape to  attack your jugular with their pointy teeth.  They have good concealers though.
6. L'oreal - Their make up range is so bad. Especially the lipsticks.
7.Rimmel London- Cheap-o, episode 1. Kate Moss and Zooey Deschanel may be the cover girls, but their products are just nasty.
8. Maybelline mascaras - Cheap-o, the aftermath.My lashes turn all cakey when I apply their mascaras.
9. Lush - overpowering  stench 12 meters away from the store front. Plus the moronic product names.
And on the haircare range, garnier fructis stench just pisses me off so much.
Since today I'm feeling moody and I feel like bad mouthing (most) things anyway, what's up with Lula lately?
Issue 16 is out, and judging by the two covers I'm sure it's going to be as annoying and predictable as the latest issues were. The only thing I dig on one of the covers  is the mary quant inspired hippie make up, but that's about it.
Has Leith Clark got stagnant in terms of creative direction? For this issue I will definetly check it first instead of rushing in buying it. Give me Russh and Frankie  and we'll be good. Or Simone de Beauvoir.
Oh Lord, another whole new week ahead. Seven new days waiting to be filled in. Help!
At least this is a cool song.

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bee said...

Oh fun I'll play.

I hate Russh and Frankie AND Lula now. Stopped buying all three as of 2013. Frankie is all "oh look at me I'm an adorable indie chick who crochets" and Russh is all "I'm a sexy alternative babe who wears leather jackets and loves French New Wave" and it's all too predictable and young and boring. Lula irritates me for it's saccharine repetitiveness. I'm ready for a new magazine.

As for beauty brands I share most of your dislikes except for Lancome because their mascara is kind of OK and the YSL because I like the gold tubes. I'm starting to love/hate Aesop a little bit because of it's ubiquity and absurd pricing. Is it possible to see an interiors shoot of a bathroom that DOESN'T have Aesop hand wash?

Joanna said...

cool reply. made my day! cheers!

Patty Pat said...
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Harriet said...

Long-time reader, first-time commenter...

I think Russh changed up their editorial team in 2011 - that was when I stopped buying it. Lula doesn't hold my interest. Frankie is too pastel-ly for me, all bicycles and teacups and shit.

I agree with Bee about Aesop. Have bought from the Body Shop recently due to no animal testing, but found their whole shtick very 90s - can anyone recommend an affordable cruelty-free brand?

la fille citrouille said...

funny post, which brings me to another question: which beauty brands do you like, what products specifically and why?

Anonymous said...

Nice post! I really like when bloggers are honest enough to say that they don't like something or even hate something!

I quite agree with all you said. And like Bee, I am a bit tired of Aesop too (who does pricing there? Hello?). So I am going to back to French pharmacy beauty products. But I still like Dr. Hauschka (really good products I think) and Nars for make-up.

Have a nice day!

Erandi said...

Loved the post, I love Mac lipsticks though but I just bought a Nars one for the first time to try it so I think I find a new favorite, I like Chanel for lipstick and the loose powder too & revlon makes good nail polishes cheap but not in quality?

Magazines uhmm well it´s difficult from us who live in Mexico to bought them because the shipping is expensier than the mag itself, 27 pounds for a magazine?? anyhow i´m ready for new magazines too!

I want to hear what products you like!

Claire said...

I love this hate post!

I stopped buying Lula maybe 2 years ago, it wasn't inspiring anymore. Then Russh after a few issues when the editor changed.

I also hate Clinique - that three step program thing that everyone bought into in the late 80s - it was a soap, toner and horrible moisturiser that contained butter. Then it transpired that the toner step (called Clarifying Lotion) could strip paint! I think they still sell those same products...

I can't stand Benefit make up - it's full of waxes that block your pores and unnecessary sparkle/shimmer. Their counter girls always try to attack me but now I don't let them since all their quirkily named products break me out.

I can't think what else I hate right now - maybe I'm in too much of a forgiving mood today. I'm sure I'll remember plenty given time.

the second bus home said...

actually Clinique mascaras are the ones i like the best. i have tried A LOT of expensive ones and i was never able to find such nice ones as the ones from Clinique. that is the only Clinique product i recommend though.

R A said...

I had a flick through Lula and it was very very dull. To add to the dullness it also has become to look fairly cheap. :/


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