The other night I dreamt I was walking on an amethyst floor. And then I had to wake up and hit the shower. After my daily morning supplements (evening primrose, vitamin c and d, and something for bone strenght) intake I didn't feel like putting on my kohl or doing my hair.My uniform is the same everyday.
My A.P.C navy trench is starting to look beaten up, my Les Prairies de Paris chelsea boots are looking bad ass as they age and my trusted skinny dark grey Acne jeans are looking like they have a life of their own.  And I'm sure they have. A man repeller? I think so. But I can't see shit because my fringe is so long that I llok like Shaggy from Scooby Doo (yaycks). No rings, no bracelets, no necklaces, no charms. I think I need a little charm. I think I'm charmless. I sometimes wish I was the jeffrey campbell wearing type of girl. The girl who wears lots of foundation and biker jackets with spikes and maxi skirts from zara. I think I would be happier.
I work too many hours a day, I feel weary and I smoke too many cigarrettes. And I feel like I'm out of place, out of time. I wish I lived in a time when public phonebooths still worked, a time when people looked neat instead of this constant public display of flip flops armies, cheap bright colours on cheap bright fabrics. Abolish foul manners. Revive modesty and creativity.
For this summer I want to look like a xerox copy of David Hemmings on Blow Up. And I want to have his studio too :p
Do you think this is wrong? Because I do but there is nothing I can do about it because I still dance like  if I lived in 1968 (and in my head I do).So put on a daisy crown, have a beer and sing along. Break your worries like glass on an amethyst floor.

The Sandals - House of Painted Glass
The Thoughts - All Night Stand
The Freeborn - Hurtin' Kind of Woman
Fairport Convention - Si Tu Dois Partir
The Zombies - Girl Help Me
The Things - I Don't Believe
White Fence - King of the Decade
The Troggs - Purples Shades
Dawn Penn - No, No, No

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Carmo said...

if you were the jeffrey campbell wearing type of girl i wouldn't be a loyal reader of this blog :)


Chiara said...

Hi!I'm a long time reader but a lazy commenter... your blog is one of my favourites.
I see what you mean about "feeling out of time", just the other day someone at work told me I have "a vintage face"... Ok, so it's not just all in my head, I even look out of time! :)

Chiara said...
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blanka pë. said...

i'm prety sure i'm a men repller too, jeans and sweaters day by day and that sad face... wearing a bun and no make up. i don't envy zara girls but i wonder how they found their femininity and where's mine?:]

senhorita valdez said...

Although I have a hard time believing that you are charmless and your post did make me smile, maybe you need a little change. same habits can get boring. *

Claire said...

I said only two hours ago, "I'm just not cut out for the modern world."

Your first paragraph sounds like my mornings, only without the supplements! But the jeans, the Chelsea boots, the not feeling like make up or embellishments.

If I dressed like a Zara girl I would feel a fraud though...At least we are ourselves...

Jess P said...

I wish had acne jeans and an apc mac.


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