excessive consumption

Cool it down on black and white.Slow down spring impetuous blossoming and store your plants in a terrarium.Order a cocktail on a plane. You don't have anything to lose.
Add old society lady appeal with fake diamond earrings. Wear them with jeans and your favourite shirt.
Wear a wide brim hat.Cultivate yourself. More and more and more.
Play on with gold and mustard.Get into organic textiles, organic forms, organic food, like a modern Art Nouveau advocator.Get to know better your female relatives. Create stronger bonds with them and try to learn something new from them.Enjoy simpler food.Wear your boy loafers. Watch "Something in the Air"movie. Try a new  perfume oil like the ones at Ripe. Go out more. Paint on the back porch. Read the latest issue of Kinfolk.


6 comentários:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful set of images, especially the one from LIFE magazine.

Catherine said...

super billet! j'adore le petit texte, et quelle jolie collection d'images :)

Letitia - The Fashion Editor said...

This post is what led me to my bookmark button. Couldn't have said it better myself.

Psychofoxes said...

This post is perfect!
All the photos are so pretty.
Glad that we've found your blog!

adriana said...

Thank you! (ripe) Love your collection and happy to be a part of it :)

Kelli / Fog and Forest said...

Love these little ramblings! I wish I were closer with more of the women in my life, too.


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