hairy situation

From left to right: Volumizing tonic,Shampure Shampoo, Pure Abundance Conditioner

I think this might be it! The closure of a cycle, the holy grail, the oompa to my loompa.I wish it was something deep, like a hidden secret of the universe, or the reason why mankind was created, but this also a vital (well..) part of life. I'm talking about hair and on finding the perfect haircare range.
First impressions (from the outside, to the inside) first Aveda products are not tested on animals, than the minimal package that will suit in any bathroom (you know when you get home excited with a new bottle of shampoo and you place it in the bathroom and it looks mismatched wherever you place it?); the aroma is perfect; the hair feels healthy, clean and its adds structure.The thumb down goes only to the price range, because it is pricey, on the other hand one bottle lasts a lot. Overall my review is great, because I've never tried a haircare brand that would suit all my needs.
This Phil Cordell song is how I feel when using Aveda ...

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