Cleopatra. What firstly comes to mind when you think of her? Liz Taylor? Black kohl and a long fringe? A romanticized portrait of distant hot days (and nights) by the Nile? The mummy's curse?
I was afraid to buy this perfume because of all the negative feedback I've read online. But I've finally have succumbed to my impulse, and to be quite honest, I'm glad I have.
Cleopatra by Tocca has a lovely powdery, old world charm, mixed with a certain city sass and an immense dose of feminity. It's the complete opposite of scents like Diptyque that I usually wear and feel at ease with, but Cleopatra is not as different as you might suppose. The end notes are quite similar to a long time favourite of mine Diptyque's Ofresia.
The bottle (like all Tocca bottles) has a distinctive, classical design, inspired by 1920s cognac bottles that just adds more magic whenever you spray it.
My overall rating is three out of five because it's an exotic, sensual scent that is perfect whenever you feel like pulling out your inner Mediterranean seductress.

Top notes: Grapefruit, Lush Greens, Cassis Bud
Middle notes: Tuberose, White Jasmin, Peach Nectar
Base: Golden Amber, Patchouli, Vanilla Musk

Tested on humans, not animals.

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