A very nice movie I watched the other night. Can't recall the title, but it looked super sleek. I had to take a few snaps to share with you.

The weather has been acting out sort of schizo. Therefore I dress accordingly : a wool pea coat and bare feet. I'm wearing a vintage navy pea coat, topshop jeans,an anthracite Malene Birger cardigan, L.K.Bennett wedge espadrilles and a fedora hat (that has misteriously disappeared!).
The good news is that I've finally have enrolled in a wood  furniture restoration course. I'm really, really happy about it because I've been wanting this since forever. Probably you'll be watching more of me in dungarees rather than in floaty dresses. 

Talking about everyday life, after the class I had a coffee at this very cozy place. The Sound of Music album cover is really cool and it feels like you're at a cool grandmother's living room.
And on Saturday I got and the flea market a vintage set of brass bells. I don't know much about it's story but I really like the hippie feel about them.

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