Bass Drum of Death/Stella

Living relatively close to the seaside has its perks and its disadvantges. In one hand, working in August is sweet because all of the sudden the city gets empty. On the other hand, there are hordes of 15 year olds,75 year olds (and everything else in between), pilgrimaging to nearby beaches.
So, in the morning, while sitting on the train, I lose myself in 1960s tunes and fuzzy garage rock n' roll and all I can see around me are hawaiian muumuus and shorts. No need to do shrooms.

This morning Bass Drum of Death fueled my 20 minute ride to work. In a good way. After listening to them I think I got myself a cool new swag and a sweet biker jacket.BDOD is a project lead by John Barrett who has ties into Mississipi's Cat's Purring Collective.
Pretty much anything awesome happening in and around the Mississipi garage base is happening within contact to these cats.

Stella is one of my favourite french beat female artists. This song in particular has that horror a go-go swing that is very summer appropriate :p

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