cereal eater

1.I just couldn't resist. You know I wouldn't! Silver 1960s space age boots. These are just in absolutely mint condition  and they were such great value and I'm sure they will brighten up the grey streets and the grey frowns when the rain and the fall kick in.
2.Try to beat this Mars! I know it might sound weird, but I love the infinite patterns that we able to find in natural grounds.
3. A spiky situation!
1.2.Cereal notebook (I am still waiting for the lastest issue of the magazine to arrive...) And my new two cactus buddies.
3.Yellow zucchini from my lastest incursion to the farmers market yesterday and 1970s rustic dishes that my mom offered me.
4. A natural cabinet of curiosities that I display with pride.

1.2.3. Birthday roses now turning feeble, but I still like this phase of cut flowers. 

1.2.3. And the latest issue of Kinfolk magazine.


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