on mum jeans, tv in bed and the first day of september

Acne Studios jeans| Carven shirt
Topshop bag and shoes|Maison Close bra

Packing up now to go somewhere. Yes, somewhere. The bag is sitting in my new/old (it's vintage) mexican rug that I got recently. Need to get away from my city rat routine, because it's leading me nowhere and I feel a bit disconnected with things and people and lifestyles lately. The hype. The intolerable hype, spreading its sticky tentacles everywhere. The money. Isn't all about the money?Most importantly in all of this is to be traveling light. 
September is here. Sun lovers will hate me forever, but there is something undeniably comforting when you are walking in a chilly day, the sun shines and you are stepping on yellow, burnt orange leaves some still left with tiny green veins from distant months.
My sunday evening will consist on baking some homemade pizza consisting of a sunflower seed crust topped with seasoned almond nut cheeze, tomato sauce, mushrooms, sweet peppers, crispy onions, olives, fresh tomato, basil, spices, and crystal salt and probably I'll watch some lame ass comedy with Dax Shepard (I like his comedies). Or if I'm feeling smart, I'll put on my glasses and I'll watch some documentary or art movie.
I wish you all a lovely September, but for now, please excuse me but I'm going to get my jacket and ride a magic carpet. 

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