try to beat this, mars

Slowly I have been readjusting to my normal routine (s), after having lived amidst the wild and the nature.
Funnily enough, and since because this time off was so short, something has changed in me. I think this change is positive though, since I feel more balanced, more rooted .
I'll cut the new age mambo-jambo, but if you are remotely interested in astrology, you'll understand us Libras need balance in our lives.
To start the week, these are my choices:

Make Good - Hailing from NYC with a rather nice shoegaze rock n roll.
Also a  little Brian Jonestown Massacre echoes from here and there.
MAKE GOOD’s avatar

Elly & Rikkert - Dutch hippie couple that play amazing folk music.
Almost naif and surreal, this song is about fairy circles and it's entirely  in Dutch. What more could we want?
Foto de Elly Nieman & Rikkert Zuiderveld

Matt Mullican's early work. These are from 1974 and they are called Untitled (Try To Beat This, Mars).
Matt Mullican: Untitled (Try and Beat This, Mars, National Geographic), 1974

Tips for growing peonies at Kinfolk magazine.

joshua tree3

The Woodcraft Folk amazing archive


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