And finally..a new post !With actual clothes in it! ...And also some photos of cactus, taken  yesterday during my visit to the local botanical garden. It seems like it's the only cool place for hanging out in the city because the rest of it doesn't really mean a thing to me.  Everywhere else is crowded, polluted and generally aggressive. A sacred trio of nasty things that I'm not into. At all. 
So whenever I can I just escape to the coast. Hang with friends discovering hidden beaches and hidden, magical forests where you can cleanse your eyes and your heart.
I do love clothes, but as you might have realized by now, I'm no fashion blogger. At all. I think there are so much more important things happening besides clothes. Plus the fashion world bores me to death. You know, the high fashion people. People are so full of themselves, that they come out as really shallow, petty people. 
I'm not an advocate of buying new clothes everytime you come up with a new post. At all. Especially clothes you can't really afford (hola debt!) and/or clothes with really bad quality (hola! waste of money).
I've been into Thomsen Paris a lot. And A.P.C. always because it's functional and nice at the same time. A Piece Apart and A Detacher aswell as Samantha Pleet have been on my radar too. Well basically I've been repeating myself over and over again. My healthy obsession for navy blue hasn't stopped either (my grandmother taught me right). Neither my obsession for cactus and all sorts of flora. And neither my obsession for druggy music. You think I have a problem? I think I have several.

Thomsen liberty shirt
A.P.C. 70s storm coat & A.P.C. silk blouse


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