x factor

Strathcona socks in Garden of Eden in black.

Oh you know. Sorry about the moaning but minimal blogs are getting on my nerves (as much as the hyper rococo ones).

Diptyque? Checked.
Wishlists with a lot of these? (bullets included)

  • Comme des Garçons striped long sleeve sweater.
  • Comme des Garçons wallet.
  • Steven Alan shirts.
  • Chanel/Essie/OPI nail polish.
  • Rag & Bone jeans.
  • Repettos.
  • Coppola bag.
  • Acne wool jumpers.
  • Fake Parisian style? Wearing Maje, Marant and Sandro doesn't  transform your 2-bedroom rented apartment in a Haussmann style apartment.
  • Zoom on the espresso? Zoom on the croissant? The Kinfolk mag styled warm salad? (don't make go on the foodies).
And you justify yourself endlessly because you're a conscious buyer, you're an ethical 21st century methodical, intelligent buyer, therefore a superior human. No you're not. Stop the bullocks. You just have the money to spend (?), have nice taste and you want to look different from the masses. Period. Stop. Confidence bonus bit!/% . It's a status thing.
You know..it's weird because I used to be into a lot of these things I mentioned, but I just feel disconnected from them right now.  Back in 2010/2011 it was alright because it was totally new and different, but right now almost 2014 it doesn't speak to me anymore.They just seem like a uniform for people who don't want to put too much effort and so they just copy what others have come up first.
Interestingly enough it just seems that my influences in terms of style just forwarded a decade. I used to be so much into the 1960s but now I feel so much in tune with a 70s early 80s vibe. Pysch-goth-new-wave pastel and black, printed, minimal pretty,full of  swag thingie.
Don't get me wrong I do love the 1960s for everything: the architecture porn, the fashion, the music, the movies etc.
Because it does take some effort, to search for cool new labels and cool new things happening out there.
And I do understand the lazy aspect about this whole copy paste process, because there is too much crappy information to be filtered before you get to the good stuff. 
You don't have to buy $$$$ Leonor Greyl or Aveda products to have a lovely hair. You don't have to buy Byredo or Diptyque to smell different and unique. You don't have to have 200 marinière sweaters. And you don't have to buy Acne jeans to look cool. Neither pawn your mamas's wedding ring for a super exclusive size XS Margaret Howell overalls that ALEXA wore last summer! Because everyone else is doing it right now and it's not fun anymore. So yeah. Just put a little effort in it, take a deep breath, have fun, think of your retirement plan, travel as much as you can, educate yourself, listen to good music, read good books, learn how to cook at least one killer meal , crack some jokes along the way, don't take things so serious, help the aged and just be yourself. You'll be much appreciated. 

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