A conversation with Tara-Lynn Morrisson

Tara-Lynn Morrison is the wonderful lady behind Canadian cult label Good Night, Day.
With a contemporary sensibility, inventive designs and modern styling Tara-Lynn made us all reevaluate the importance, the craftsmanship and the timeless  beauty behind hand knitting.

How did your upbringing affect your sense of aesthetics?
At first, I thought growing up in a working class household in a working class city really had no affect on my sense of aesthetics at all. Money was always tight and there was never any importance placed on appreciating the aesthetics of things that might be costly or seem unnecessary. However, I suppose that has had a major effect on my personal aesthetic, that I would rather indulge than be sensible. I've long harbored the feeling that the unnecessary things that are just for pleasure, like books, art, a gold leather clutch with eyeballs, or merino wool blended with silk and alpaca from Peru, are indeed important and worth the extra effort.

What is the best about living in Toronto? And the worst?
I love/loved Toronto! I am no longer a Toronto resident, as admittedly the city got the best of us—financial woes and emotional mini breakdowns were the cause of our move. Although it was a bittersweet decision to have to leave Toronto behind, we've never really lost the optimism that one day we'll come back.

Tell us a little about the places you've traveled to and how they influenced you.
I have had the opportunity to visit New York and Montreal, twice each, disguised as business trips. Both left a lasting magical impression on me (so much so that we almost moved to Montreal). Honestly, I haven't had the pleasure to travel much—it is really a privilege I look forward to doing more of one day. I would love to see Paris, Scotland and England (where my family is from), Vancouver, Japan, and Uruguay where most of my wool is sourced from, etc, etc.


Good Night, Day made me reevaluate all my previous conceptions regarding knitting, because you have such  a modern and conceptual approach to it. 
What made you turn to hand knitting?
Thank you! Actually, I turned to knitting at first out of creative boredom. I wasn't feeling proud of my drawings (living with a talented artist will do that to you), and although I wished I could write, I had no knack or talent for it, but I still craved creativity. Knitting gave me that. 

Where do you like to shop for yarns?
All of my wool is sourced from family farms, in South America, including Peru, Uruguay and a women's collective in Argentina.


What narratives do you like to tell with your work?
In short, I hope my work speaks of modernity and the beauty of hand craftsmanship.I want it to be special, but above all wearable! 

Tell us a little about your philosophy on beauty, style and well being.
My philosophy on beauty is about admiring confidence. I always look up to those ladies that have a natural approach to beauty, but that highlight something unconventional. I think in regards to beauty I am always drawn to the not so obvious choice. As for my personal style, I am all about keeping it feeling very me—having few items but only ones I cherish, and just wearing what I love. I am inspired by personal style setters, people that aren't just clotheshorses or following trends, but who have style that stands out as a personal expression of themselves.

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Holiday season is here. What are your wishes for 2014?
To go easier on myself, for my business to continue to grow, to meet inspiring people, and to live more in the present!

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