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The Farm’s Ham Radio station information. Scanned from Hey Beatnik! This is the Farm Book by Stephen and the Farm, The Book Publishing Co.,1974. See also this previous entry.Hey Beatnik, This is the Farm Book!, 1974

Eric Burdon and the Animals - Monterey
Badge - Haze
Elephant Stone - Sally Goes Round the Sun 
The Kinks - Picture Book
Shannon & the Clams - Rat House

Not this.
I'll now share with you a dirty, scummy secret. I read the Daily Mail. Everyday. Yes, that Daily Mail. It's my guilty pleasure. I like to indulge myself with the endless, pointless celebs stories.  It's like the blue collar equivalent of a day  at the spa (I cut my own hair; never been to a spa. By now you must think I'm a yeti. Actually it's getting pretty close to it. Erm. Roarrr? Meow.). 
Today the intellectually stimulating subject was the aftermath of the British Fashion Awards; you know the whole lot was there: Moss, Delevigne,Pixie,Chung, the  kid from One Direction, even Donatella, Miuccia, the guy from Bros (the 80s "band") and Tom Jones! (err..lol?) Tom Jones?? It's not unsual. Check it, you won't regret it. It's so wrong, that is right (kind of slow news at the DM office today).
Pinterest depresses me. A lot. Especially the apartment/interiors/decor sections. I mean, where do the stylish people of the world store their crap? I mean things. I mean objects. It makes me think that I am the only one with storage problems and hoarder tendencies.
FYI : Austin Psych Fest 2014 tickets are now on sale. Go get'em. See you in Austin next year?
I would like to thank everyone who have sent me lovely, personal emails regarding this post I have written earlier. 

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