A conversation with Siri Thorson

Siri Thorson from Ringo Have a Banana, has been undoubtedly, one of my favourite creative women from the great wide web.
From fashion styling to floral styling, to writing, Siri is a creator and her work and style related choices have influenced me in many ways.
Her delicate photography, whisper the beauty of everyday life, seen by romantic and nostalgic eyes.
Caught during the hectic process of moving, Siri was kind enough to find a little extra time to answer these questions during the holiday season.

You grew up on the West Coast and you've moved to New York. How did your upbringing affected your aesthetic?
I grew up on a farm in a forest on a tiny speck of an island off the coast of Washington State. When I was little, my family had the only telephone on the island, a CB radio that neighbors would come over to use. My parents tell me I used to spend entire afternoons talking to the pigs in their pen, and we had way more cats than there were kids in my grade at the one-room school. I wouldn't trade my childhood for anything. It left me with a deep respect for nature, plants and animals, for simplicity and for the kind of hard work that makes your back ache and gets your fingernails filthy.

What is the best about living in New York City? And the worst?
As a matter of fact, I've just moved out of New York back to my family home for the next few months. But I can tell you that hands down the best thing about spending the past six years in NYC has been the friends I've made there. I can't believe how lucky I am to know these talented, beautiful, kind, loving people, and I miss them every day. I think the worst for me was the climate and the lack of natural...anything. 

Tell us a little about the places you've travelled to and how they influence you.
In the last few years I've had the amazing opportunity to check some serious dream destinations off my list, visiting Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Istanbul, Scandinavia and many parts of Europe. Most recently I took a trip with my parents to the UK. England in particular is such a special place to me and there are so many parts I can't wait to explore in the future. The beauty of the landscape, the sense of time and history, and the wonderful gardens are a constant inspiration - not to mention our shared affection for tea and panel shows (Richard Ayoade and Noel Fielding rank high among my list of celebrity crushes heheh!)

We know your work as a writer, photographer and as a fashion stylist - what made you turn to floral styling?
Working with flowers is something I've loved for as long as I can remember. Growing up I always helped make bouquets to sell at the local farmer's market, but I never really knew how to go about pursuing floral work in the city, so it remained a hobby and private obsession for many years. All that changed when I met my friend Amy, a floral stylist [amymerrick.com] in Brooklyn. I was (and remain) in such total awe of her talent, and I was so incredibly nervous the first few times I worked with her! She is so kind and patient, and has taught me so incredibly much, both from an aesthetic and a business standpoint. I'm so excited to be assisting her again this Spring. 
Living in New York you have access to the abundance of the Flower District. Where do you like to shop for flowers?
My favorite shop on 28th St. is called G. Page. It's always a pleasure to see what they have in stock. Plus, my favorite cat on the block lives there, a big grey tub-o'-love with half an ear missing they just call Gato. 

Whenever I come across your work I always feel  something because it speaks to me in a way that touches me emotionally. What narratives do you like to tell with your work?
Thank you, truly, that means so much to me! I wouldn't say that I tend to think in terms of narrative in my work. If there's a theme that runs through my photos, I would say it's a feeling, a quiet feeling, nostalgic and maybe even a little sad - which makes sense since those are all words I would use to describe myself. When I'm styling or working with flowers, I tend to think about colors first, shapes second. Color is so important to me, not just bright colors but the way tones and shades work with each other. It's an emotional reaction. I guess I just have a lot of feelings!
Tell us a little about your philosophy on beauty, style and well being.
Maybe it's because I grew up on a farm, but I think that all those things come back eventually to the food we eat. What could be more important? Fresh vegetables and local produce are such beautiful things, and cooking for yourself can feel so good. Otherwise, I tend to take a less-is-more approach these days (which isn't to say I'm above collecting things.) I love to wear mascara and a bit of cat-eye liner but I don't bother with too much else. I let my hair go wild. I tell myself it's not lazy, it's just Parisienne-chic (don't burst my bubble, ok??) With clothes I care a lot about materials, like silk, linen, wool, suede. I love a good hat, can never have enough stripes, and I shop secondhand almost exclusively. It's much more exciting and a whole lot cheaper. 
Holiday season is here. What are your plans for the holidays?
This has been the first time in six years that I've been able to spend Christmas at home with my family. It involved sipping endless pots of tea while peeling clementines, burning chunks of frankincense and myrrh on top of the woodstove, cooking, baking, eating, drinking, merry-making, and seeing my grandmother's tree lit up with real candles again. It's been a long time coming.

All photographs used  with the author's permission.
Find Siri on Ringo Have a Banana,follow her on Instagram and on Tumblr

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anabela / fieldguided said...

Love Siri! This was such a lovely read.

Vee said...

Wonderful conversation! Thanks for introducing Siri.

Mafalda Marques said...

Such a lovely girl, I love her x

Mafalda Marques said...

Such a lovely girl, I love her! x

Camille said...

Two of my favourite bloggers contributing, such a treat!

Jessica M said...

Gorgeous photos! So cool to get to learn more about such a fascinating lady -- I am always curious to learn more about bloggers I love.

the.nicole.harvey said...

So happy to hear Siri's back--online AND on the west coast. We've missed your art and style!


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