T-shirt time!!!

Keeping things real. Don't care much for keeping up with the Joneses.My love for menswear is known. Topman,Topshop's boytoy, has been my boyfriend lately. I love their knits and tees. Actually, I just bought a bunch of tees there during the sales. Love the fact that carry those XXS little numbers for anorexic indie guitarists from Wales. That just makes my day. And they are way cheaper than those cool YMC - You Must Create little numbers.
I hate tees that specifically say "women", that usually means they are tight and cropped as hell and that eventually your boobs will gain massive attention from unwanted eyes. Hate those cropped, tiny t-shirts,because they remind of 1990s Adidas gazelle trainers (those were cool, I used to own a pair of baby blue ones like Jay Kay) and The All Saints (the girl band. Those were bad) and generalised late 1990s crappiness.
I feel most comfortable when pairing a slouchy mens tee over some skinny jeans.
Earlier on this week, I've tried the mom jeans one day after work when I was feeling adventurous and kind of frisky, but overall  I looked like a moron. That is why I don't follow trends. That is why people accuse me of being a fashion faux pas. That's because I am so . I don't even consider myself a fashion blogger. I don't attend fancy parties, because I don't know how to make small talk, I have a bad posture and I drink beer. And I am always thinking that the background music is sort of crappy and so I just sort of disappear. I don't take pictures everyday to post on instagram or in here.That's because I'm busy. Being greasy.
Conclusion. Find cool tees at:
1. Topman
2. American Vintage mens department
3. Petit Bateau
4. YMC - You Must Create
5. Soulland (for über cool designs)
6. Wood Wood (for striped tees and mens tees)
Velvet bolero jacket - A.P.C.| Topman pocket tee | Generic black jeans |Zara scarf |
 Vanrycke Star bracelet via My Chameleon | Syndicate Ukraine beanie

3 comentários:

Cécile said...

thanks ! since the time I'm looking for the perfect black tee, now I know where to find it ! I wear men's sweaters and tshirts too. more flattering :)

Joanna said...

Hi Cécile! Yes, I've forgotten about American Apparel. Those are nice too!

Janelle Burger said...

I'm so glad there are women out there wearing mens shirts too! I can't stand women cut tshirts. I'm a 32E so you can imagine how stupid my boobs look in womens shirts. I'm going to check out topman shirts now, they look good on you.


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